Within the forth step along The Path, you are taking the solutions and ideas you have generated in the previous step and developing a plan for the implementation of this solution/s to help you overcome the problem/s you face. To help with this process, imagine yourself as an engineer — who is a skilful contriver or originator of something — undertaking the process of skilfully or artfully arranging for an event or situation to occur backed by a strategic plan of action that will help you bridge the gap between your current reality and your desired reality.

the path engineer

The key areas you will be looking at include:

  • Selecting your best solution and ideas using a specified criteria.
  • Envisioning a set of scenarios that will help you implement your solution.
  • Evaluating the scenarios and choosing the best options for moving forward.
  • Crafting a plan of action that will help you bring your idea to fruition
step 4 engineer 1

For more information about each of these areas, please click on the links below:

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