Doodling On Steroids For Total Life Transformation!

Use Your Doodling Skills to Improve Your Life and Achieve Your Goals

 A Self Coaching Tool for Personal Change and Transformation

Do You Read Personal Development Books?
Here’s The Problem With Reading Books…

Are you an avid reader? Do you enjoy reading personal development and self-help books? I know I do. And if you’re anything like me then you’ve read your fair share of books over the years.

I’ve personally read hundreds of personal development books. I read these books in search for golden nuggets of knowledge and actionable advice that could potentially transform my life for the better.

Most personal development books contain an incredible array of valuable information and guidance. However, often, there is just so much actionable advice that it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed.

I have a question for you…

How many times have you read through an entire self-help book and yet failed to implement a single idea?

I know I’m guilty. I’ve certainly been there. I’ve read through many incredible self-help books that gave me and array of actionable and practical advice that I never followed. Subsequently, I stayed the same.

Nothing changed because I didn’t take the steps to make proactive changes to my life.

But why? Why do we do this to ourselves?
Why do we fail to implement what we learn?

Why do we instead prefer to jump to the next book instead of implementing ideas we know would change our lives for the better?

Do You Ever Feel a Little Reluctant or Somewhat Scared While Assessing Your Life?

I know that I once felt that way

Hi, my name is Adam. And I'll be your instructor as you move through this course. You might be wondering who I am. Well, I'm a qualified life coach residing in Melbourne Australia. But I'm known more for the mind maps I create on the IQ Matrix website. ???? My interest in doodling has kind of evolved from my interest in mind mapping and personal development. I wanted to learn how to doodle to help express myself visually through my mind maps. I also wanted to use doodling as a tool for coaching clients. And, I'm happy to say that both goals have been successfully achieved. And now I want to take you on an incredible journey of self-exploration and personal transformation. This is a journey I undertook myself — a journey that changed me at my core. And it all has to do with these visual thinking templates that you're going to be getting access to. I'll provide you with all the details further down this page.

For years I had all the knowledge and information I needed to change my life. But, for one reason or another I struggled. I struggled to create lasting change because of one major hurdle that I just couldn't overcome.

That hurdle came in the form of fear.

I was scared. Specifically, I was scared of self-exploration and introspection.. I didn't want to spend time assessing my life and planning for the future because I was scared of what I would find.

I didn't want to assess how my life was at the time because I was scared of all the regrets and unmet expectations that would suddenly bottle up to the surface.

I had all these insecurities fizzing inside of me that I literally felt uncomfortable any time anyone would ask me to assess my life. It was just painful to even think about how I got to this point in my life.

At the time, I didn't want to admit it, but my life sucked. I wasn't where I wanted to be, and I wasn't getting any closer to the goals I wanted to achieve. I was just afraid. I was afraid of the regrets of the past and I was petrified to set a concrete plan for the future because I felt that I would just let myself down.

I knew though, that sooner or later I needed to break through this barrier and accept reality for what it was. Otherwise, I was never going to be able to move forward.

To overcome this hurdle I needed to man up and face my fears. I needed to be very honest and real with myself. After all, the only way I was going to break new ground was to first figure out what exactly wasn't working in my life. And for that I needed to go through a self-assessment process, similar to the one you will go through as you work through the Doodle for Self-Development Course.

I did one day decide that enough was enough. Things weren't going to change on their own. I needed to instigate this change. And so I took several weeks off and completely picked apart my life.

For almost three weeks I spent my days assessing various aspects of my life. I desperately wanted to know how  exactly I got to this moment in my life. I knew that if I could figure out what I did to create my current reality, that I could then create a better and more intentional future reality. And that's exactly what I did.

I picked apart my beliefs systems, created a values hierarchy, transformed my habits, and built rules that I would follow to help me deal with difficult emotions. But I didn't stop there...

I set higher standards for myself, I figured out how to improve my relationships, distilled how to overcome my fears, wrote a script on how I would handle mistakes and failure, and I outlined the goals I wanted to achieve and how I would go about accomplishing them.

Those three weeks were some of the most excruciating albeit exciting times of my life.

For the first 10 days or so I felt incredibly uncomfortable and mentally drained. It was emotionally taxing going into this much depth and detail exploring my life. It was painful. However, once I broke through those mental barriers, that's when I started to fully enjoy the process.

I won't bore you with all the details, but to make a long story short I eventually broke through that fear barrier and managed to turn my life around and get myself onto a better path. In fact, those three weeks provided me with the clarity I needed to do what I'm doing know. And it was all because I dug deep and faced my fears.

I'm telling you this because this Doodle for Self-Development Course is built upon very similar principles. It will take you through something along the lines of what I went through all those years ago. However, you will go even deeper and explore your life using doodles. When I went through this process I only used words. But if I had used doodles I imagine that my transformation would be even more profound.

Keep reading to find out how you can use your doodling skills to transform your life for the better.

Life Is Passing You By And The Minutes Just Keep Ticking Away…

Have you ever had the feeling that time tends to speed up as you get older?

When you were a kid you had all these wonderful hopes and dreams for the future. You knew exactly what you wanted to do and how you wanted to be. And everything just seemed a lifetime away.

However, as your life has progressed, and the years have ticked by those dreams now seem distant and improbable. There is less time to live, and yet still not much urgency to change.

You’ve now reached a point in your life where you’re just kind of existing. More specifically, you’re settling for mediocrity.

You’re no longer actively pursuing your dreams, and the person you once thought you would grow into is just a distant memory of a childhood dream.

Yes, by all means you’re still heavily into self-improvement. You’re an avid reader and open to growth and development.

So why is it that things aren’t changing?

Why does it just feel as though your life is stagnating?

In a way, it’s as though you kind of feel stuck and unfulfilled, and you don’t really understand why.

Life really shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t feel this way. Not when at our fingertips we have access to a plethora of information, tools, and resources that are designed with the purpose of transforming our lives for the better.

So why is it then that we continue to struggle?

Change And Transformation Requires Complete And Total Immersion…

More specifically, change and transformation requires significant self-reflection, self-assessment, self-analysis, and introspection. Without which, change is impossible.

Change requires digging deep into ourselves and exploring our passions, goals, motivations, fears, habitual responses, self-sabotage patterns, values, and beliefs.

All these things lie at the core of who we are as a person. Moreover, it’s these things that also hold us back and sabotage our progress.

Most of the time though, we are walking around unaware of these self-sabotage patterns. We’re not aware because we haven’t taken the time to truly get to know ourselves at a deep psychological level.

And that’s essentially what holds us back in life.

You will never consciously initiate change on a surface level of understanding and awareness.

You must, instead, dig deeper below the surface and change things at a core psychological level. Only then will things begin to change.

But how do we do this? How do we instigate this change?

Well the secret is through total immersion.

Total immersion is all about completely immersing ourselves within the world we have created for ourselves at a psychological level.

When you immerse yourself in this world you gain remarkable new insights that transform your perspective of how you view yourself, others, and the world around you.

But, how exactly do we do this?

Well, you could try reading a self-help book. But we already know that doesn’t work.

We don’t normally implement the things we read because reading is a surface level action that fails to change us at a fundamental psychological level.

So, if not books, then what’s the answer?

The Emergence Of Doodling And Visual Thinking…

Having worked with many coaching clients over the years I realized that change doesn’t happen unless we’re totally and completely immersed in that change.

Working with a life coach is, of course, fundamentally a sound strategy. A good life coach will ask you the right kinds of questions that will trigger deep thought and introspection. As a result, you end up with greater clarity of mind and subsequently make better decisions that help move your life forward.

I, however, found that this coaching approach didn’t always work. It didn’t work because my clients didn’t completely immerse themselves in the coaching process. They weren’t fully committed. And it was primarily because of a lack of immersion.

As a result, they failed to make a change at a deep enough psychological level. And, subsequently, the changes they desperately wanted to make didn’t last. In other words, they progressively regressed into old patterns of thinking and behavior.

What was lacking was an immersive coaching experience that would trigger change at a deep psychological level.

But how exactly could we do this? How could I specifically immerse my clients in all the changes that they would like to make?
The answer to this question eventually came to me when I came across visual thinking and doodling.

The Secret To Total Immersion Comes In The Form Of A Doodle…

If you’ve already gone through the Beginner Doodle Course, then you probably already understand that when we doodle we literally get lost in another world. I know I do. 🙂

Doodling is intoxicating. It takes over our thoughts, captures our imaginations, and transports us to another world filled with limitless possibilities. It also lowers our guard by lowering our stress levels and reducing our anxieties.

However, learning how to doodle isn’t enough to trigger personal change and transformation.

You could for instance doodle your goals all you like. Yes, you could physically take out a sheet of paper and visualize your goals using doodles. And I would normally encourage that. Better on paper in visual form than in you head.

This exercise will no doubt be lots of fun and can actually be quite helpful and therapeutic. However, most likely, very little will change.

Things won’t change because there is no framework that guides your doodling. And that’s where visual thinking comes into the picture.

Visual thinking gives you a framework you can work with that turns your doodles into an intelligent process of steps you can use for total immersion and transformation.

Any change you want to make in life requires total immersion. However, this immersive experience must be built upon a framework of steps that moves you from point A to B and beyond.

To transform your life and to achieve your goals you need a process you can follow that triggers change at a deep psychological level.

And that’s exactly what I’ve created for you.

Introducing The Doodle For Self-Development Course…

The Doodle for Self-Development Course is a 15-module course that guides you through the process of change and transformation using doodling and visual thinking principles.

The doodle aspect of the course immerses you within your own psychological world. While the visual thinking aspect of the course provides you with a framework for guiding your thoughts through that world and toward the attainment of your goals.

I created this course as a self-coaching tool to help my coaching clients gain a profoundly deep understanding of themselves and of their habitual patterns of behavior.

When you fully immerse yourself in your own psychological world and get to know yourself at a deep enough level, that’s when things start to change.

That’s when you begin to experience those “Aha” moments that trigger change in your life.

 Breaking Down The Doodle For Self-Development Course

The Doodle for Self-Development Course is probably unlike anything you have gone through before.

It’s unique in the way it challenges you to think deeply and profoundly about yourself, about your life, and about your circumstances.

The amount of introspection and thinking you will do as you move through this course is probably unlike anything you have ever gone through before.

It’s absolutely INTENSE!

But with great intensity come phenomenal insights that you can then use to optimize how you live your life and achieve your goals.

But before I go on and give you all the details, I just want to give you a little bit of a sample of what it's like to work through one of these visual thinking templates.

In the following video I work through a BRIDGING THE GAP template where I demonstrate how to use it to achieve a goal. This video isn't part of the course. You won't see me on camera during the course, but rather you will hear my voice along with visual examples. So this is a little different, but it has a very similar impact.

Working through this video as I walk you through this template will hopefully give you several great insights into what it's like to work through one of the 20 visual thinking templates I have included as part of the Doodle for Self-Development Course.

And, YES, I have also included the BRIDGING THE GAP visual thinking template for you to download. It's located right under the video. Feel free to fill it out as you watch the video.

I hope you found that of value. And I hope you now have a better understanding of the value and impact these visual thinking templates can have in transforming our lives. 🙂 

Let me know give you more specific details about the course.

As you work your way through the course you will…

  • Get a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discover how to improve your level of self-confidence.
  • Come to understand how your past created your present and how your present influences your future.
  • Discover your life's purpose and vision.
  • Explore your personal values, beliefs, standards and goals.
  • Get a sense of how well your life is balanced in critical life areas.
  • Get to know yourself at the deepest level as you explore your self-image and self-ideal.
  • Set one major empowering goal that we will be working on throughout this course.
  • Learn how to utilize the pain and pleasure principle to help keep your motivation at peak levels.
  • Identify the obstacles standing between you and your goal and develop a plan to overcome them.
  • Break down your key life priorities to help you figure out the most important things to focus on.
  • Discover how to overcome life's toughest problems standing between you and your goal.
  • Learn how to overcome debilitating fears that will often hold you back from your goal.
  • Find out how to progressively expand your comfort zone as you work toward you goal.
  • Come to understand how to make more effective decisions based on a specific set of criteria.
  • Discover how to make the most from your mistakes and failed attempts to improve your results.
  • Explore debilitating emotions and work through a process to help you manage them far more effectively.
  • And yes there is more…

Here Is A Description Of The 20 Visual Thinking Templates Included In This Course...

The following 20 visual thinking templates are included within this bundle:


Breaking News

Build a Bridge

Decision Pearls

Emotional Voyage

Game Board

Life Vision Poster

Magnifying My Focus

Mood Board

My Avatar

My Life Story

Out of Balance


Planet Hope

Progressive Change

Remote Control


The Boogieman

The Bubble

The Wheel of Life

Here is just some of the feedback I’ve received:

Cristian - Brazil

I’ve tried so many self-development programs that cost thousands of dollars, but none of them gave me that complete change in all areas of my life, like this one. This course literally gave me the knowledge and confidence to go get what I want most.

Adriana - Poland 

This course is helping me look deeply inside of myself and see what I never paid attention to. Also I would say it is definitely helping me to organize my thoughts, values and directions. Each module takes time to go through due to the level of quality material. It is a good brainstorming exercise that brings good results – better understanding of where I am and where I’m going.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be going through this course. Recommended for everybody who wants to spread his borders, open and establish his vision firmly and achieve his dreams.

Melaine - Pakistan 

Dear Adam, I come to the end of an inspiring and reawakening journey.

When I started this course, I was a bit skeptical about how this course would help me along my self-development journey. However, as I reach its end, I cannot tell you enough how much this course has benefited me.

Over the past few months, all that I put on paper are being realized. It's like I've been able to manifest my dreams into reality. I was able to 'see' the problems visually and work out solutions. All this is because, I was willing to keep an open mind about the problems I faced, I was challenged to take risks and tackle disappointments with resilience.

Thank you so much for allowing me to take this course. I will try and encourage others to sign up so as to benefit from the course as I have.

Norman - Mexico 

Going through these modules has made me change the way I look at things in many different ways. I find that your program is very different from the ones I have tried before. Those programs make me work on the outcome and how to reach it but we touch each subject just once. With your course I have to visit the same topics more than once and from a different position, that help clean and improve my ideas. I feel as each module assisted me to clear my thoughts a little bit at the time.

Also there is lots of information available to help understand better the topics we touch in each of the modules. For example in module 14 "Emotional Voyage" there is this link to an article about Emotional Mastery, where you analyze the 10 universal emotions, where each one of this emotions has a link to a different article discussing in more detail how to overcome or eliminate a negative emotion and how to develop a positive one.

In the Emotional Mastery article you teach us a five step process on how to transform the unproductive states into better ones and then you show us how to manage the emotional states with techniques such as how to build an emotional fortress or breath control, just to mention some of them. And this is just the optional information to clarify module 14.

Great stuff, Adam. Thank you for letting me experience this journey.

 I Guarantee That If You Apply Yourself That This Course Will Transform Your Life…

As you work your way through each module of the course you will go through a total of 20 visual thinking templates. Each template builds on top of templates you went through in prior modules.

The course follows a progression of steps that begins with foundational principles, but then progressively expands and evolves.

At the end of the course you will have a comprehensive understanding of all critical aspects of your life related to the one major goal you have chosen to focus on.

I must reiterate that this is not your typical personal development course. This is something much, much different.

The combination of using visual thinking templates, doodling and life coaching principles provide you with a solid platform for transformation.

There's really nothing quite like this available, anywhere.

Reading a typical self-development book or going through an online video course can certainly be worthwhile. However, the human brain often finds these kind of learning experiences a little boring and bland.

This is why we often fail to implement what we learn.

We fail to implement what we learn because reading a book or watching a video course is a "passive" learning experience. We are very much like bystanders observing from a distance.

Through observation we gather some fantastic information, however, because we are not completely immersed in the "action" we fail to take the necessary "action steps" to improve our lives.

The Doodle for Self-Development course is not a "bystander" course. This course completely immerses you in personal change and transformation.

It gets you involved within every step of the process as you work through each of the 20 visual thinking templates.
You are always an active participant within each of the 15 modules. And if you're not participating, then you simply won't gain much value from this experience.

I cannot begin to tell you how transformational it is to work through a visual thinking template.

You physically need to experience it firsthand!

The process of filling in one of these visual thinking templates using doodles and the written word will transform how you think about your life and circumstances. I guarantee!

As you doodle and work your way through each module you are literally bringing your thoughts to life on paper in front of your eyes.

No longer are your thoughts just in your head, they are now down on paper, and you can work with them like never before.

This new perspective of seeing your thoughts in this way brings about more clarity and greater insights that help you to better understanding yourself at a deep enough level to instigate change.

I'm telling you right now, this process is transformational. However, you will only get out of this course what you put into it!

Some Words Of Caution… And Only Register For This Course If You Are Serious About Turning Your Life Around

Let me just begin by saying that this course is absolutely INTENSE!!!

I, therefore, hope you're ready for a roller-coaster of a ride.

I mention that it’s INTENSE because this course will:

  • Awaken fears and emotional tendencies that you don’t want to acknowledge.
  • Uncover limiting patterns of behavior that you may be embarrassed to admit.
  • Make you cry with both sorrow and joy as you immerse yourself completely in your psychological world.

Going through this course involves a great deal of thought, effort, and attention to detail, which can be difficult for most people.

I've personally struggled with this my entire life. In fact, I fight through this challenge every single day. Sometimes I'm victorious, and at other times I fail miserably.

As you work your way through each module you may even be tempted to procrastinate and quit. It's scary and it feels uncomfortable exploring the deepest and darkest parts of yourself using doodles. But it can be “oh so” incredibly rewarding. 🙂

I make no apologies that I'm being so blunt and real about all this.

Going through this course isn’t going to be a walk in the park. It’s not going to be an easy process. But it’s when things are hard and we struggle, that’s when real change happens. 🙂

Getting real and honest with ourselves is emotionally taxing. But the rewards can be transformational if we can only get through the struggles successfully.

Regular $99 
Now Only $49


Doodle for Self-Development Course

  • Working time 30 days 
  • Access to 15 Lesson Modules of the Course
  • Access to 15 Instructional Videos
  • Access to 20 Visual Thinking Templates
  • Access to User Submissions
  • BONUS:  5 IQ Doodles

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When You Purchase the Doodle for Self-Development Course You Will Receive 5 Bonus IQ Doodles

You might be wondering what in the world are IQ Doodles. Well, they are smart doodles that help guide us along our personal development journey.

These IQ Doodles simplify personal development topics into 6 simple steps that we can immediately put to action to improve our lives. 

When you purchase the course you will receive access to 5 IQ Doodles that walk you through the following areas of personal transformation:

  • 6 Steps for Setting More Effective Goals
  • 6 Steps for Learning from Your Mistakes
  • 6 Steps for Eliminating Your Fears
  • check
    6 Steps for Overcoming Your Life’s Problems
  • check
    6 Ideas for Handling Difficult Emotions

Each IQ Doodle comes in a variety of formats including mobile, desktop, and printable versions. So whether you’re at home, in the office or out and about with just your mobile phone in your pocket, there is an IQ Doodle version you can use as a handy reference guide.

In addition to this you will also receive access to Info Sheets that summarize each IQ Doodle in detail. And, even better, you also gain access to visual thinking templates that have been specifically customized for each IQ Doodle. Use these visual thinking templates to explore each topic using doodles.

Upgrade to the Achievement Accelerator Version of the Course and Receive Access to 46 IQ Doodles, 47 IQ Matrix Maps and other bonuses!

When you upgrade to the Achievement Accelerator Version of the Doodle for Self-Development Course you will receive instant access to 46 IQ Doodles and 47 IQ Matrix maps and a couple of other bonuses.

These IQ Doodles and accompanying mind maps will take your learning and understanding of each lesson to another level. They will accelerate your results by providing you with actionable guidelines to help you gain maximum value from each module.

The topics covered within each IQ Matrix and IQ Doodle are aligned with each module of the course. These topics include:

  • An exploration of the your strengths and weaknesses.
  • An assessment of your current and desired reality.
  • A deep dive into your beliefs, values, life purpose, and personal standards.
  • check
    Guidelines for improving your self-concept, building your self-worth, developing a healthy self-image, and for boosting your self-esteem.
  • check
    There are also goal setting mind maps and IQ Doodles to help you set more effective and achievable goals.
  • check
    Overcome procrastination, learn how to develop a higher degree of motivation, defy perfectionism, and guidelines to help you get unstuck.
  • check
    Overcome procrastination, learn how to develop a higher degree of motivation, defy perfectionism, and guidelines to help you get unstuck.
  • check
    Then there are mind maps for building an action plan for goal achievement, for managing your time, for boosting productivity, and for working smarter not harder.
  • check
    You will also receive mind maps and IQ Doodles that will help you think more creatively, solve problems more effectively, and overcome life obstacles.
  • check
    And if you struggle with fear, then there are IQ Matrix maps and IQ Doodles to help you in this area as well.
  • check
    Learn how to break free from your comfort zone, how to live with more urgency, how to make more effective decisions, how to learn from mistakes and failure, and how to grow your emotional intelligence and resilience.

Just think about what you could potentially do with access to all these visual resources.

Combine that with the 15 modules of the Doodle for Self-Development Course, and you now have access to an indispensable library of visual resources that could profoundly transform the trajectory of your life.

If you were to purchase these 47 IQ Matrix maps and 46 IQ Doodles you would pay over $500.00. You can, however, gain access to all of them by upgrading to the Accelerator Version of the course. 

These are only just some of the IQ Matrix maps and IQ Doodles that you will gain access to as you work through this course. They have been selected because of the value they add to each module of the course.

Just to recap, the Achievement Accelerator Version of the course includes the following:

Gain access to 20 interconnected visual thinking templates. These 20 templates are at the heart of the Doodle for Self-Development Course. Each one of these templates will help you to visualize your journey as you work toward the attainment of your goals. 

BONUS 1: 47 IQ Matrix Maps ($300 Value)

Gain Access to 47 IQ Matrix maps designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of the topics covered within the Doodle for Self-Development Course. Use these mind maps as memory triggers to help you remember and recall key actionable points and ideas you work through within the course.

BONUS 2: 46 IQ Doodles ($150 Value)

Gain access to 46 IQ Doodles designed to simplify various concepts and ideas presented within the course. These IQ Doodles simplify ideas into six simple steps you can easily follow to help you gain maximum value from the course materials. Use them alongside other resources to stimulate deeper levels of learning.

BONUS 3: 400+ Inspiring Royalty Free Doodles ($22 Value)

Gain access to over 400 inspiring royalty free doodles available in high-resolution transparent format. These are the raw image files used to create IQ Doodles. You can even insert them into your visual thinking templates as you work through the course.

BONUS 4: Downloadable PDF Files of the Course Modules

As an added bonus, receive downloadable pdf files of the Doodle for Self-Development Course modules. That way you can access the course both online or offline at your own convenience.

Regular $99 
Now Only $49


Doodle for Self-Development Course

  • Working time 30 days 
  • Access to 15 Lesson Modules of the Course
  • Access to 15 Instructional Videos
  • Access to 20 Visual Thinking Templates
  • Access to User Submissions
  • BONUS:  5 IQ Doodles

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go through all 20 modules of the course, complete the visual thinking templates to the best of your ability, and if at the end you are not satisfied that going through the course was worthwhile, then you’re welcome to ask for your money back.

I will, however, ask you to send through proof that you completed all the lessons. I do this because I truly believe that if you take the time to go through this course that it will transform your life. I have no doubt it will happen.

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Adam Sicinski

P.S. One year from today, God willing, you will still be here on the planet. The questions is, whether anything in your life will be significantly different? The answer is, only if you do something significantly different! And just maybe, this is that new thing you need to do that will make a world of difference in your life. 🙂