Creativity: Merging the Left & Right Brain

Most of us probably learned in high school about the differences between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. However, unless we work within the neuroscience fields or make a great living as brain surgeons, then it’s reasonable to expect that this information has been buried deep within the recesses of our minds never to return again. 😉

As mentioned within the Science of Visual Thinking, it’s not critical to your success as a creative visual thinker to understand the concepts behind how the brain functions, however having knowledge in this area may provide you with a greater sense of confidence in yourself and in your own ability to develop your skills as a visual thinking.

Dividing Up the Brain

Each side of the brain has different processing abilities and responsibilities. However, even though they process information differently, they actually complement each other — allowing us to think about our life and circumstances far more effectively when using our whole-brain thinking ability.

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The Left Brain

The left hemisphere of the brain has logical and analytic qualities. It seeks individual steps of a process, while piecing together small bits of data into linear and rational thoughts.

Here is a break down of the left brain functions:

  • Sequential Processing
  • Problem Solving
  • Reading
  • Analysis
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Verbal Language
  • Written Language
  • Judging Space and Time
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    The Right Brain

    The right hemisphere of the brain has synthetic and creative qualities. It seeks to process larger, however less well-defined blocks of information through the use of images, patterns and spatial orientation.

    Here is a break down of the right brain functions:

  • Spacial Ability
  • Creative Artistry
  • Creative Musical Ability
  • Emotional Expressions
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Perceptual Skills
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    What Does All this Mean?

    When it comes to improving your visual thinking ability, this information means very little. It really doesn’t make a difference how the brain processes and functions. All that matters is the outcomes you end up achieving as you take the journey towards becoming a better visual thinker. However, having said that, the more you know and learn about the amazing processing power of your brain, the greater confidence you will have in your ability to achieve the outcomes you desire to create along your journey towards becoming a visual thinking magician. 🙂

    What Does All this Really Mean?

    When it comes to improving our visual thinking ability, we must always strive to activate our “whole-brain” learning system to help us solve problems, overcome obstacles and challenges, think more creatively and effectively under different conditions and circumstances. To do this we must use the following tools throughout the visual thinking process to assist us with getting a comprehensive overview of the world we are attempting to understand:

  • Metaphors
  • Analogies
  • Patterning
  • Numbers
  • Calculations
  • Words
  • Analytic Tools
  • Visuals
  • See all visual thinking ingredients
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    This is in essence the goal of Visual Thinking Magic. My objective is to assist you with mastering the process of visual thinking to help enhance all areas of your life at work, home and anywhere else where visual thinking can serve you. We will therefore explore visual thinking from a variety of angles applying metaphors, analogies, pattern recognition, numbers, words and other analytic tools in conjunction with visuals to help you broaden your understanding and application of the visual thinking process — thereby bringing your visual thoughts into physical reality, just like the bunny. 😉

    I hope you can join me on this journey step-by-step as we begin to apply visual thinking into all areas of our lives — permanently welding these concepts into the framework of our shared reality.

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