19 Critical Beliefs of a Visual Thinker

As previously mentioned within the mindset of a visual thinker, it takes more than simply learning a bunch of techniques and strategies to master the process of visual thinking. In fact, it actually takes a shift in your psychology and your beliefs to help bring about the changes and transformation required to develop a strong capacity to think visually.

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The Beliefs of an Extraordinary Visual Thinker

Today I would like to share with you a list of beliefs that you must begin cultivating if you have a strong desire to succeed as a visual thinker. These beliefs will help you incorporate everything I discussed in the previous post.

Read over these beliefs carefully, reflect on them and ask yourself how you can incorporate each of these beliefs into your life — whether you’re thinking visually, or simply working through a life or business problem.

  • I believe that the better defined the problem, the more likely I am to find a solution.
  • I believe that there is always a simpler and much easier way to solve a problem.
  • I believe that through the process of experimentation and by trying new things, effective solutions can be found.
  • I believe that every failure holds within it the seed of opportunity and growth.
  • I believe that solutions can easily be found when I remain open to all possibilities.
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  • I believe that the more risks I take and the more I challenge myself, the more solutions I’m likely to find.
  • I believe that persistence, perseverance and determination can break down any problem I face.
  • I believe that if I just keep moving forward that I will eventually find the solutions I need.
  • I believe in making many mistakes. The more mistakes I make, the more likely I am to find the perfect solution.
  • I believe that the world and all my problems are built upon patterns that lay down the path for concrete solutions and ideas.
  • I believe that criticism can open doors to new understandings and possibilities.
  • I believe that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places.
  • I believe that every person has ideas and perspectives to share that are valuable to the problem at hand.
  • I believe that by identifying relevant associations and by linking concepts together in a unique way, that solutions can be found.
  • I believe that if I’m patient, flexible and prepared that I will eventually find the solutions am I after.
  • I believe that with enough passion, commitment and dedication that any problem can be solved in a creative way.
  • I believe that if I maintain my curiosity and approach the problem in a playful way, that solutions can always easily be found.
  • I believe that every problem has a single cause. I must therefore break down this problem meticulously and identify this cause.
  • I believe that every problem is governed by a cause-and-effect relationship. If I am able to identify the cause, then I will be able to find the solution.
  • As we move through the visual thinking process, I will break down each of these beliefs in more detail and explain how they apply to different types of visual thinking scenarios.

    How to Cultivate these Visual Thinking Beliefs?

    Here are some suggestions on how you can begin cultivating these visual thinking beliefs:

    • Don’t just read the list of beliefs. Take time to reflect on them and identify how relevant they are to your life, circumstances and situation.
    • Take time to write out these beliefs in a notebook every day. This will help to keep them at the top of your mind.
    • Select one or two beliefs from the list and decide to use them in some way that’s relevant to your life today.
    • Copy or print this list and paste it on your wall for easy reference.
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    To help ingrain these beliefs at an even deeper level, ask yourself the following questions for each belief:

    How must I start thinking about my life and circumstances in order to stay consistent with this belief?

    What must I begin saying to myself and others to make this belief real in my life?

    What actions must I take and behaviors/habits must I adopt to incorporate this belief seamlessly into my life?

    What decisions must I make on a daily basis that are fully aligned with this belief?

    How else can I incorporate this belief into my business and life?

    At this stage it’s not so much about applying these beliefs into your visual thinking work, instead it’s all about taking the time to integrate these belief systems into your psychology. Once they are integrated, they will become second nature, and you will easily be able to adopt them into your visual thinking practices at a later time when we start going through practical visual thinking techniques and strategies.

    Overcoming Limiting Visual Thinking Beliefs

    Integrating these visual thinking beliefs into your life will help you in a large variety of ways when dealing with problems and unfamiliar circumstances. However, some of us may struggle adopting these beliefs in the long-term because we have underlying limiting beliefs that have been conditioned into our psychology over a lifetime. These limiting beliefs will unfortunately prevent us from moving forward.

    In order to clear the path towards becoming an exceptional visual thinker, you must take the time to identify and clear these limiting beliefs from your mind. Unfortunately, this subject is beyond the scope of this article, however I have created an IQ Matrix that will help you to overcome any limiting beliefs that might be preventing you from taking the next step. I hope you find it of value.

    Within the next article, I will dig deep into the exciting world of questions, and break down the questions that visual thinkers ask themselves while solving problems.


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