The Power of Visual Thinking… Magic!

Some readers might be wondering why I’m branding this site under the banner of Visual Thinking Magic. There is actually a good explanation for this, and I hope that this blog post will help explain why I’ve decided to position the website in this way.

But magic is not real… is it?

Most of us adults believe that magic is simply an illusion — a trick played on people in order to deceive and entertain them. In fact magic as we know it is simply a performing art that entertains an audience by staging tricks or creating illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats, using purely natural means. There’s just nothing supernatural or real about it.

Yes indeed, within the adult world magic is nothing more than an illusion, however within the eyes of a child, magic is a supernatural force filled with incredible potential and power that they can wield like Harry Potter in any-which-way they wish to bring their dreams into reality.

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It’s Time to Step Beyond the Illusion

To truly grasp the process of visual thinking we must learn to step outside our preconceived understanding of magic being an illusory form of entertainment, and step into a world of magicians wielding their wands — bringing emotional desires into physical reality.

I would like you to throw yourself wholeheartedly into a world where everything you have ever wanted and desired can be created easily and effortlessly with a simple wave of the wand. However, this wand won’t by itself bring your desires into physical reality. For that you need another element. You need to master the power of your own imagination.

To become a great magician you need to believe with wholehearted conviction that your imagination will help you overcome any problem and setback that life throws your way. In fact, you must use it to fight off those nasty dragons, goblins and greedy trolls who will undoubtedly hold you back from your desires. You must deal with them swiftly and quickly. However this may take a little time, as you must first learn to master the psychological skills and spells that will allow you to harness the magical powers of the world around you.

alakazam dragon

Yes, a magicians journey is not an easy one, however it’s filled with incredible potential and possibility. The question is, whether you’re ready and willing to take the step into an unknown and unfamiliar world that will expose you to new opportunities, perspectives and insights that you probably never imagined were possible. Into a reality where your destiny is shaped by the thoughts and ideas you project out into the world, and wield through the power of your magical wand.

The Connection Between Visual Thinking and Magic

Both magic and visual thinking are intertwined in a dance that knows no boundaries and brings into our lives endless possibilities.

Magic uses the power of imagination to manifest emotional desires into physical reality.

Visual Thinking uses the power of imagination to manifest solutions out of problems into physical reality.

Magic uses the power of a wand to shape reality.

Visual Thinking uses the power of a pencil or pen to transform how we think about our reality.

Magic is only as powerful as the education and experience of the magician wielding it.

Visual Thinking is only as powerful as the education and experience of the visual thinker who uses it.

Magic uses spells and incantations to manipulate physical matter that surrounds us.

Visual Thinking uses specific techniques and strategies to manipulate how we think about the physical matter that surrounds us.

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Magic is often misunderstood by those who don’t know how to harness its power and use it.

Visual Thinking is often misunderstood by those naysayers who simply don’t realize how effectively they could use it.

Magic makes possible that which seems undeniably impossible.

Visual Thinking makes possible that which seemed undeniably improbable.

Magic is effortless and easy to those who know how to wield its power.

Visual Thinking is effortless and easy to those who have strong knowledge, a passion and desire.

The Visual Thinking Evolution Revolution is Here

You might not yet be aware that there is a Visual Thinking Revolution taking over the world. Sunni Brown calls it the Doodle Revolution and Dan Roam might very well be calling it the Napkin Revolution. No matter what you call it, one thing is clear, it is HERE!

Just take a look around… take a look at the clues that are right in front of your eyes:

visual thinking clues

Open your eyes and you will see the clues everywhere. The world is becoming more visual by the day because there is simply too much information for us to absorb, too much information to process, and too much information for us to explore.

We are looking for short-cuts, for better ways to manage information on a daily basis, and this is why visual thinking is coming to the forefront. You can either join the revolution as an innovator at this early stage and take advantage of the opportunities that visual thinking will present you with, or you can wait another few more years and lose this critical competitive advantage.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that magic wand today and start bringing your dreams into physical reality. 🙂

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