Evolution of Extraordinary Intelligence

I don’t know if you noticed, but the world is undergoing a transformational shift that is shaking the foundations of how we live, work, play and create. There’s more information then ever before, more options then ever before, and as a result more confusion then we could ever have imagined. There’s simply too much out there for us to process, and as a result we are constantly stressedfrustratedoverwhelmed, over-worked, and severely confused.


History has shown time and again our tremendous ability to adapt to the problems that life throws our way. Yes, most of the time we are the ones who create these problems, but we also do very well generating solutions that help us overcome the problems that hinder our technological progress and evolution.

Today we are facing two distinct problems that are changing the face of society as we know it. The first is the information explosion, and the second is the rapid acceleration of technology and competition. Let’s take a look at each of these in a little more detail.

There’s Simply Too Much Information

Ever since the Internet went mainstream in the mid 1990s, the amount of information at our fingertips has been rapidly increasing.

Initially during the early days of the Internet this wasn’t a problem, however today there’s simply so much information available about any conceivable topic you can think of that most of us struggle to organize, make sense and manage this amount of information.

It seems that the more we learn, the more we realize that we are still yet to learn. This leads to stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Certainly not a pleasant way to live life in the 21st Century.

information confusion

In the past, before the Internet grew roots in our homes, schools and businesses, life was simple. You could read a handful of books to help advance your career forward each year and you would be in the top 10% of your industry. However, today that’s simply not good enough. Because of this acceleration and the incredible amount of information that’s out there, you need to stay on top of all the trends, news, and latest research in order to keep up. But honestly, who has the time?

This is important, so please let me say it again… in today’s day-and-age, you can no longer get ahead by reading a handful of great books. Instead you need to find a way to rapidly absorb information on a daily basis in a way that will help you think creatively and solve problems more effectively then ever before.

Our entire evolutionary history is built upon our ability to solve problems effectively. However, if you have not developed this skill to a high level of proficiency then you will struggle to make a mark in this world. Also keep in mind that it’s not just your level of skill, but your ability to manage information effectively that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Technology Is Accelerating Rapidly

The second problem is that technology and competition is accelerating at a rapid and unprecedented pace. In the past you could get away with making marginal improvements to existing products and services throughout the year. Those were the days of incremental innovation where building a better mousetrap was the name of the game.

better mousetrap

In today’s day-and-age the companies and individuals who stay ahead of the game are not building better mousetraps, nor are they focusing most of their attention on making incremental improvements to existing products and services. Instead they are thinking outside-the-box and revolutionizing their businesses, industries and careers with rapid innovations that are accelerating the pace of technology as we know it.

This is a big problem for those who do not have the ability, resourcesskills or capacity to adapt to the changing pace of society. It’s a problem to those who simply don’t know how to manage the increasing amount of information that is available to them. And it’s a problem to those who have no idea how to use that information in a way that will help them create innovative ideas and breakthroughs solutions to assist at school, at work, in their business and life.

All is not lost though, because there are two processes available that will help you solve these problems quickly and easily.

Information Management is the Platform

To overcome these problems you must first find effective ways to research, then filter and finally manage the information that is most relevant and applicable for you, your career and your business. To do this you will need the right technologies and tools that will help you streamline this process into a well-oiledintelligence building machine.

Visual Thinking is the Solution

Once you develop a specific framework for managing information, you will need visual thinking strategies to help you process that information in a way that will help you solve problems creatively, quickly and easily. It is by solving these problems that will keep you ahead of the game and in the top 10% of your business, career, class or industry.


The Evolution of Extraordinary Intelligence

Mastering these two elements will suddenly make life so much easier. Others will be perplexed and bewildered how in the world you’re able to research, filter, manage and apply all this information in a remarkable way that allows you to solve complex problems and discover innovative solutions that others never thought were possible.

By managing information effectively and by taking advantage of the visual thinking techniques and strategies you will discover here, you will begin generating creative ideas and producing innovative solutions to common problems that will help you stand apart from everyone else who is struggling to make a mark for themselves and their company in this new age of creative innovation.

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