Visual Vocabulary: Doodles 69 to 77

For today’s lesson, let’s explore how to doodle words starting with “C”. We will specifically take a look at how to doodle the following words: CavityCabinCampfireColdCoffeeCameraCandyChain, and Cow.

how to doodle cabin small
how to doodle camera small

how to doodle campfire small
how to doodle candy small
how to doodle cavity small
how to doodle chain small
how to doodle coffee small
how to doodle cold small
how to doodle cow small

How many other ways can you doodle these words?

These doodles only of course represent just one way these objects can be doodled. There are many possible ways that you could potentially represent them visually. If you’re up for a challenge then I would like to ask you to try your hand at doodling at least one additional variation for each of the nine words.

When you’re done, please email your doodles through to me at [email protected]. It would be a pleasure to post them on this page to help inspire others along this journey.

Please click on image to enlarge.

Please share your thoughts…

I would of course love to hear from you. Tell me about how you found these doodles. Were they easy or difficult to draw? Did you have any specific troubles? What were your biggest challenges? How easy or difficult was it to come up with alternate variations for each of these five doodles? I look forward to hearing from you.

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