Day 37 – Using Frames, Containers and Thought Bubbles

On Day 37 of this course we’ll look at using frames, containers and thought bubbles within your visual notes. Frames are typically used to highlight key areas of your visual notes. Containers are three dimensional objects that are used to encircle your doodles or keywords. Thought/speech bubbles are used very much like frames but for the primary purpose of expressing opinions.

Using Frames, Containers and Thought Bubbles

A frame provides a means of encircling words, doodles, concepts, ideas or themes in order to separate them from other words, doodles, concepts, ideas or themes. Frames can also for instance be used to highlight key areas within your visual notes.

Containers are used for exactly the same purpose as frames, however they come in three dimensional shapes such as boxes, pyramids, tubes, etc. In fact, containers can come in almost any shape. For instance, I could doodle a tabletop, and on the tabletop I could write a few words. These words would then be encapsulated within this container. This makes them stand out from other words that are potentially written on the outside of the tabletop.

frames containers doodle

Thought/speech bubbles are very much like frames. However, these bubbles are primarily used to express certain points of view or ideas using a combination of doodles, symbols and/or words. When using these bubbles you can for instance express your own opinions or viewpoints about a certain topic, or have certain characters within your doodles express those opinions and/or viewpoints. They essentially give your visual notes a personality, which of course helps keep your brain engaged and interested.

speech bubbles doodle

Your Turn

Your task today is to spend 10 to 15 minutes doodling various frames, containers and speech bubbles. Be creative and use your imagination because there are many possibilities and approaches you could take. If you need help to spark a few ideas then do a quick Google image search for how to draw speech bubbles, and I’m sure you will find interesting styles that will capture your imagination.

Check out how other Doodlers went about today’s task

Below you will find examples of how other doodlers of all ages have gone about today’s task. I invite you to join in and share your doodles by emailing them through to [email protected]. It would be an absolute pleasure to post your doodles on this page to help inspire others along this journey.

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