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About This Course The Beginner Doodle Course is our foundational doodling course. Each of the 40 modules of this course will teach you step-by-step how to doodle. We begin at a very basic level and progressively build layers that help enhance your doodling skills over time. What You Will Learn Working through the Beginner Doodle Course you will learn all about the elements that go into developing your doodling skills. Specifically, you will learn about the visual alphabet, how to use visual frameworks, how to doodle physical objects, people, hands, movement, shadows, 3D shapes, emotions, and much more. You will also learn how to doodle visual metaphors and we take you through various creative challenges to test your doodling skills. Who This Course Is For This course is for anyone who would like to learn how to doodle for work, pleasure, or for educational purposes. It’s for beginner doodlers who don’t believe they can draw. And it’s also for those who have some experience doodling by would like to improve their doodling technique. So whether you’re a coach, an educator, a trainer, a student, or you simply would like to learn more about doodling, then this course is for you. What You Will Get When you purchase the full course, you will receive access to 40 modules that include video and written instructions along with visual examples. You also gain access to thousands of user generated submissions that you can use for guidance and inspiration on your doodle journey. And, upon completion of the course, you will also receive a certificate of completion.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 Weeks

Course Instructor

Adam Sicinski Adam Sicinski Author

Hi, my name is Adam. And I'll be your instructor as you move through this course. You might be wondering who I am. Well, I'm a qualified life coach residing in Melbourne Australia. But I'm known more for the mind maps I create on the IQ Matrix website. ???? My interest in doodling has kind of evolved from my interest in mind mapping and personal development. I wanted to learn how to doodle to help express myself visually through my mind maps. I also wanted to use doodling as a tool for coaching clients. And, I'm happy to say that both goals have been successfully achieved. And now I want to teach you the fundamentals of doodling to help you learn how to express yourself visually, how to expand your creativity, how to solve problems, and more. I hope you will join me on this incredible journey as we begin our exploration of visual thinking.

40 Days How to Doodle Beginner Course


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Week 2

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Week 6

75 thoughts on “How to Doodle Beginner Course”

  1. Hi Adam! I’ve registered for the 29day course and I’m really very happy to see that you work very hard for curious learners like us. Please keep up the good work that you already are doing. I really appreciate that you have initiated such doodling course online which will help many like me. I’m no artist, however, I do like sketching and want to learn more about doodling. Your course had given me some hope and I’m sure I’d be able to learn something by the end. A big thank you. And yes, I’m sharing your website with others because I think it’s really worth it. Looking forward to start with it. Thanks once again. 🙂

    1. Happy to have you on board Neha ???? Thank you for sharing the course with your friends ???? I hope it will be of value.

  2. Hi Adam. Thank you so much for this course. I’m so excited to learn how to doodle. Eagerly waiting for the course to begin.

  3. Hello Adam. This is something I wanted to learn for so many days but did not know where to start from…so eagerly waiting to start with Doodling..in its correct sense thanks you so much, looking forward to this amazing 29 days journey…

  4. Sakthi Priya Karthic

    Hi Adam, I am so excited about this course as I was searching for a long time. Thank you so much for doing this. I love Doodling but I just copy what I see on the web, I always wanted to be on my own creativity but did not know how to do it.

  5. Great course, thank you for offering this. I have started already and can’t follow it every day but try to submit my doodles as soon as they are ready. Apart from the joy of drawing these doodles, it offers a new look at things. I already noticed that I try to doodle things I see in my mind, giving them another perspective. Hope to be able to be using it also at work in a useful way. Many greetings to all the participants from all over the world 🙂

  6. Hi Adam, I love doodling very much but I don’t know where I have to start. This 29 days free doodle course excited me and makes me start my doodle journey. Thanks for providing this course.

        1. Hi Lotte. Welcome on board 🙂 I hope you will find the course of value. I’m not quite sure what “many” you are referencing. Please feel free to rephrase your question and I will be more than happy to provide you with an answer.


  7. Hi Adam! Thank you so much for this course. I have terrible writing skills so drawing skills are pretty awful. I have doodles in my head that I simply cannot get on paper. Now finally at age 51, I have decided to try for my dream if being able to draw…thank you again!

  8. Hey Adam! I’m really really grateful to you for this free course. I always loved doodling but I’m bad at imagining stuff and producing it on paper. I’m really looking forward for this course. Thanks a ton again.
    Love Suma

    1. Hi Prajakta. Thanks for signing up. It’s great having you part of the course. I hope it can be of some value ????

  9. Hi, Adam,
    I am so excited to learn how to doodle. Loving your mindmaps and I always wanted to add doodles on my own mindmaps, but I am not an artist.
    Thank you for this course!

    1. Hi Pacita. It’s great to have you part of the course. ???? Artistic skills are not recommended ???? Just have fun and don’t worry about how your doodles look. Aiming to be perfect is not allowed ????

  10. I have just started Bible journaling and this course is so much appreciated because I believe it will help me get the most out of my Bible reading. Thank you for offering it.

    1. Hi Diane. Welcome on board ???? It’s great having you part of the course. I hope it will be of value to help you with your bible journaling ????

  11. Meenakshi Relekar

    Hi Adam.Thank you for offering this course. I used Mind maps while teaching, Doodles will be a strong impression on students while I am teaching.I can’t draw well but I love drawing. got to know about you a few years ago.Thanks a million to offer me this course. Stay Blessed.

    1. Hi Meenakshi. Thanks for signing up. It’s great having you part of this course. ???? The great thing about the course is that understanding how to draw isn’t a prerequisite. The less you know about drawing the better, and the greater value you will gain from the course ???? All that’s required is dedication and a willingness to want to learn how to doodle ???? I hope you will find the course of value.

  12. Hello, Adam! Thank you for this offer, it is what I wish and looks for a while…It is a happiness for me to enjoy freedom in forms and colors!

  13. Hi Adam, I had no idea there is such a thing as doodling!! All my life was doing it for fun here and there. A couple of days ago I heard on a talk show the guest stating that she doodles. I googled doodling and wow…… 🙂 …….. I am starting today and am quite excited about it.

  14. Cześć Adam.
    Cieszę się, że stworzyłes ten kurs i że mogę wziąć w nim udział. Notowanie wizualne bardzo przyda mi się do przekazywania wiedzy moim kursantkom w zakresie Business Disign Thinking. Pozdrawiam cię sredecznie. Vika
    PS. Jaki tablet polecasz do pracy z tym kursem i jaki program do tworzenia rysunków bezpośrednio na tablecie?

    1. Hi Vika. Welcome ???? It’s great having you part of the doodle course. I initially started with a Samsung Note tablet. This is very good to use for doodling purposes. Android has plenty of apps that you can download. I now use a Microsoft Surface Pro, but there really isn’t much difference between the Surface and the Samsung tablet. It’s more about preference. The Samsung tablet has a very thin stylus pen. I like this, but it’s not for everyone. The Surface has a standard stylus thickness just like a normal pen. Bamboo Paper is the app I would recommend on the Surface tablet. On the Samsung I would recommend Sketchbook. The iPad also has plenty of drawing apps. However, I don’t use an iPad so I couldn’t provide you with any recommendations. I hope that helps. ????

  15. Hi Adam, I am so thrilled to see your website. I just subscribed to the 29-Day course. It’s like dreaming about something in the night and finding it waking you up the next morning 🙂
    Thank you for putting up this course.
    I am a behavioral and communication trainer from India. I have always loved to scribble and doodle and now I am very excited to learn to use the power of doodling in comprehension and learning by my participants.

    1. Hi Garima. Thanks for registering for the course. It’s fantastic to have you here ???? I hope you will find it of value.

  16. Hi Adam, I feel so lucky and grateful to have visited your website yet subscribed to your wonderful courses. Back in high school, I was dreaming of learning drawing and become an artist, though I gave it up due to family and personal reasons. I am excited to have the chance to learn doodle and use it to inspire my life. I can’t wait to get started. Best regards!

    1. Hi Simon. Thanks for signing up. It’s great having you part of the course ???? I hope it will be of value. Doodling is not quite an artistic craft, but it can certainly lead into more artistic endeavors. So there is certainly possibility here ????

  17. Namaste Adam Ji! I am so excited to start your course. I am obsessed with taking notes. I feel that I would love to refer back to the interesting information I learn at meetings, assemblies, and seminars however my notes are boring. I have in the past found myself doodling as I take notes but my doodles do not make sense. You see, I am a lousy artist. I became very excited last weekend when I noticed a woman taking visual notes at a meeting. As I kept her note-taking techniques in mind I realized that visual note taking may be for me. I am now learning the Hindi language and script. Note taking is nearly impossible for a beginning language learner. However, if I learn how to take Doodle notes I will be able to take notes in visual language as I do understand about 60% of the content of Hindi discourses. May I thank you in advance for making this course available. No doubt it took much time and effort to put it together. I can’t wait to get started, Lorraine

    1. Hi Lorraine. Thanks for introducing yourself. It’s great to have you part of the 29 Day Doodle course. ???? I think the course will help you to improve your doodling skills. Please check also Visual Note-Taking Course

      What you will find while working through this course is that everybody has their own personal style for creating doodles. I would suggest copying other people’s doodles until you reach a point where you feel comfortable with developing your own style.

      I hope you will find the course of value, and I of course welcome any submissions you might like to make as you work your way through the 40 days ????

  18. Hello Adam,
    I just joined your How to Doodle 29 Day Course, I’m looking forward to learning all I can since I’m only good at drawing stick people 🙂 Thank you for offering this course.

    1. Hi Trina. It’s great to have you part of this course. Understanding how to draw stick people is a perfect background for this course. There are several lessons where I go through how to doodle stick people, blob people, block people, etc. We go through how to doodle them in various “action” poses. I hope you will have a lot of fun throughout this process. ????

  19. Hi, I joined a Bible journaling group on Facebook but I am no artist. I’ve been doing fairly well but spending hours on something that would take you less than 30 minutes is my speed. Looking forward to learning. Can’t wait to work on improving, thank you for your offer!

    1. Hi Linda. It’s awesome having you here working through the course. I hope you will gain value from going through all the lessons and that it can help you with your Bible journaling group. I received an email from you just a little while ago, but with no attachment. I’m not sure if it was a doodle lesson submission. Feel free to email it through once again. ????

  20. Visual Thinking is a delightful way to learn and express effectively without limitations.
    Let this become widespread and let a new Thinking Revolution emerge, reshaping the way the man thinks, lives and prospers.
    Thanks a lot, Adam, for making such a powerful learning tool available to those who desire!

    1. Thanks Joseph. I love the way you think. ???? Doodling and visual thinking should no doubt be encouraged from the youngest of age. Then when we grow up it just becomes a natural part of life and living — a natural way we use to go about solving problems, making decisions and all the other good stuff that comes with learning how to think visually. ???? It’s great having you here, and I look forward to seeing your progress over the 29 days.

  21. Glykeria Gouvatsou

    I really thank you for the opportunity you give us to learn about Doodle! I am sure it will be really helpful both for me and my students since visual thinking will help even the shyest ones to express themselves.

    1. Hi Glykeria. It’s wonderful to have here. ???? I hope that the doodle course can help you work more visually with your students in class. The shyest students are often very creative. They just need someone to show them how to express their ideas, perspectives and feelings more readily. And I think that doodling and visual thinking is the perfect medium. I look forward to hearing more about your work with students and seeing your progress as you move through this course.

  22. Adam, thank you for offering this course. I can’t tell you how many times your insights have been just the thing that I needed to hear. Today it was your doodle “There is never a right time”. It so captured exactly how I have been struggling lately! I’ve always admired your visual maps and wished that I could express myself in that way. I am so excited to begin this journey for the next 29 days. I can not begin to express my gratitude for all the inspiration you have brought into my life over the years that I have been a part of the community you have created through your work!

    1. Hi Claudia. It’s really great having you part of this course. I’m so happy to hear that one of the IQ Doodles made a strong positive impression. That’s the whole purpose they are designed for. Each IQ Doodle has one positive message that I hope can shift how we think about our life, about our problems, and our circumstances. I look forward to seeing your progress as you make your way through the 29 days of this course. ????

  23. Fantastic! Awesome! Outstanding! Incredible! I can’t describe the feelings about your fantastic job and in giving us the opportunity have a piece of your knowledge and wisdom. Adam, you’re unique human been and have been inspiring so many people, even here in Brazil, lime, and my 7-year-old son. I just wanna say thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of the IQ Doodle community and look forward to improving a lot working harder. God bless you and cheers.

    1. Thank you Cristian. I appreciate your kind words. I hope that the doodle course can be of value for both yourself and for your son Heron. I look forward to seeing his progress over the 40 days. ????

  24. Hi Adam.

    I’m looking forward to taking this course. I am just beginning learning to draw, I’m 75 years old and haven’t drawn since I was a child. I’m also interested in application to mind map. I read your introductory material and see you are now working on a Surface computer. I’m starting with a new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I want to draw on my lap while sitting in my LazyBoy watching TV. I find drawing on my lap awkward due to interference with the chair arms. Do you actually draw on the vertical screen, or do you put it flat on your desk or lap board? Thanks for your input.

    1. Hi Michael. Welcome on board. I hope you will find the course of value. Yes, I do at times doodle on my lap using the Surface. Best when lounging back on the sofa. 🙂 However, there is certainly more stability when doing it on a desk. Both methods have worked for me. The kickstand on the surface is helpful as it allows me to adjust the angle of the screen for doodling. I wouldn’t doodle sitting upright on a chair on my lap. I find that awkward. But resting back on some pillows and bending your legs in a sitting position does provide good support. You could even rest your iPad on pillows on your lap. I think everyone will have a different preference. Try and few methods to see what works best. 🙂

  25. Hi Adam!

    I’ve followed and love your work – you brought me into mind mapping, (I went deep!!!) and now into the world of doodling. Since I got involved in mind mapping I have been dreaming of being able to create the artwork to insert into my maps… both because it makes them more “mine” and because with my own work I don’t have to navigate the copyright rules that are attached to purchased clip art!

    I’ve ordered 3 of your courses today and am looking forward to becoming a “doodler” (who can make her drawing “actually” look like what she’s trying to draw!) as well as improving my “self” with your self development course. (I got the steroid version! I especially love those mindmaps that come with it!!!!)

    I’m very excited to begin!

    Thanks for introducing me to the world of “visual” communication in such a fun and interesting way.


    1. Hi Marianne. Happy that you found the doodle courses, and it’s great to have you on board. 🙂 I hope you will find them of value and that they will help you spice up your mind maps. 🙂

    1. Hi Claire. Each class includes a 5 to 15-minute video that goes through the lesson. The lesson also includes written instructions and a homework task. How long it takes to go through the lesson and do the homework depends on how thorough you are. But I’d say that each homework task can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes. I hope that helps. 🙂 Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  26. Hello Adam,


    Have enrolled for the How to Doodle Beginner Course…Great to be connected.

    Am looking forward to this enriching journey and be able to use it as an effective tool during my training sessions as well designing lesson plans as well as other aspects of my training programs.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Kind regards,


  27. Hello Adam,


    I have also submitted Day 2 and Day 3’s submissions…

    Kindly do check and revert at your earliest convenience.

    Kind regards,


  28. I have signed up today, thought that learning to doodle will help me expand and fully develop my imagination, able to understand my vision better and to have clarity in my thoughts and ideas… and unleash my creativity.


  29. Shanker Viswanath

    Hello Adam,


    Hope you are doing well. As you can see, I have completed the 40 Days’ Doodle Beginner Course. Kindly do let me know how I can download my certificate.

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful journey. It has really been a fascinating experience going through the 40 days program and has brought a lot of clarity in as far as doodling and visual note taking is concerned.

    Since I am also a trainer and facilitator, I do hope to apply whatever I have learned and look forward to learning from you continuously.

    Thank you once again for everything. May the divine grace and blessings be with you always and may you touch many many more lives and enrich them!

    Kind regards,

    Shanker Viswanath

  30. comaschi.francesco

    Hello Adam,
    I’ve completed all the lessons of the Doodle beginners’s course, but I can’t see the certificate in my profile. What exactly needs to be done to see the certificate?

    1. Hi Francesco,

      Congratulations on finishing the course. 🙂 A certificate is emailed through automatically once you click on the button that indicates that you’ve completed the lesson. Please let me know if that helps.


      1. comaschi.francesco

        thanks Adam for this great course! It really opens new perspectives on how to take notes and think creatively.

  31. caryl.williamsnm

    Hello Adam!
    I am excited to challenge and stretch myself to learn to Doodle. Looking forward to connecting to the inner child that missed out on that tyype of playful creation. I would love to be able to apply this later to create engaging learning materials for adults and clients. If I do not have a surface tablet yet, would you reccommend getting one now to start to learn on OR would be ok to get a journal and fine tip pens for this begining course? (I notice you used MS Surface Pro 3. It was discontinued. Unsure what would be reccommended for this work that doesnt have unneccessary bells and whistles.)
    Thank you for your guidance… Let the Doodling Fun Begin!
    Caryl (Carol)

    1. Hi Caryl. Welcome on board 🙂 I hope you will find the Doodle courses of value.

      I used the Surface Pro tablet for a number of years. I have since gone back to using a Samsung Tablet. However, the new Surface tablets are even better now for drawing. The Surface Go 3 is a great option or any of the current Surface Pro tablets. But, then again, no need to purchase a tablet just for doodling. Using a notepad or journal does the job just as well. 🙂

      I hope that helps.


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I’m delighted to know that you found the descriptions in the “How to Doodle Beginner Course” to be detailed and easy to understand. It’s really crucial for us to make the content as accessible and enjoyable as possible, especially for beginners. Your feedback confirms that we are on the right track. I deeply appreciate your positive words and it encourages us to continue refining and creating valuable content for our learners. Thanks again!

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