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 A step-by-step framework for learning how to doodle

Don’t Think You Can Draw? That’s Perfectly Okay… You’re In The Right Place!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw but just didn’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’ve tried to teach yourself how to draw, but, time and again, you’ve failed miserably. 

You might even have thought to yourself…

  • check
    Why is drawing so hard?
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     Why do my drawings always look like a jumbled mess?
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    Why don’t I get this?
  • check
    Is there something wrong with me?

Ahhhh! All you feel is frustration as you realize that you’re actually making no progress irrespective of how hard you try.

You’ve, of course, always had a deep-seated fascination with drawing and visual forms of thinking. It’s kind of like your hidden passion. You’ve even admired artists and cartoonists from afar and wished that one day you could draw like them.

I was once where you are right now. I had this secret passion for drawing, but in truth, I was horrible. 🙁 Well, I don’t think I was horrible, but my drawings left a lot to be desired.

No matter how much I practiced I just didn’t get any better. And this went on and on for years. And for a period there, I just resigned to the fact that I just wasn’t creative enough to draw.

In my opinion, the gift of drawing was assigned to the creative artsy people who were blessed with talent and natural hand to eye (pencil to paper) coordination. And sadly, I wasn’t one of them. 🙁

Do you get embarrassed when asked to draw something?

I know that I once felt that way

adamsicinski 1
Hi, my name is Adam. And I'll be your instructor as you move through this course. You might be wondering who I am. Well, I'm a qualified life coach residing in Melbourne Australia. But I'm known more for the mind maps I create on the IQ Matrix website. ???? My interest in doodling has kind of evolved from my interest in mind mapping and personal development. I wanted to learn how to doodle to help express myself visually through my mind maps. I also wanted to use doodling as a tool for coaching clients. And, I'm happy to say that both goals have been successfully achieved. And now I want to teach you the fundamentals of doodling to help you learn how to express yourself visually, how to expand your creativity, how to solve problems, and more. I hope you will join me on this incredible journey as we begin our exploration of visual thinking.

One day in a business meeting someone asked me to draw an example of the idea I had in mind. But all I had in my arsenal of drawing skills were some not so fancy stick figures with absolutely no personality. 🙁

It seemed as though my drawing skills had not really progressed very far since kindergarten. In fact, I think that sadly they might’ve even regressed. 🙁

But I’m, of course, a risk-taker, and so I dive head first into my drawing. I do, however, pre-warn my colleagues that I’m no artist. In fact, sadly, I didn’t feel as though I had a single creative bone in my body, let alone my fingers. 🙁

And so, I began to draw. But soon enough my rudimentary doodles turned to silly awkward and disjointed shapes. I really didn’t like where this was going. And so I pivoted and started using circles, squares, blobs and words to represent what I was thinking.

The worst part of all was that it was an absolute mess and nobody fully understood what I was thinking.

I had an inability to get my thoughts down on paper in a visual way, which left me feeling awkward and miserable and left my colleagues feeling perplexed and confused. 🙁

I imagined at the time what opportunities I was potentially missing out on because I didn’t know how to express myself visually on paper. Could developing my drawing skills help advance my career/business?

I wasn’t sure, but I definitely wanted to find out.

Would you like to learn how to express yourself visually?

Given that you’re reading this page, I think that we are kind of the same.

For instance, we both have a passion for drawing. You, of course, have your own reasons for wanting to learn how to draw, as do I. But I bet that at the core our reasons are very similar.

Here are the reasons why I wanted to learn how to draw. Check to see if any of these reasons also resonate with you.

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    To learn how to express myself visually for pleasure and for fun.
  • check
     To develop my creative capacity.
  • check
    To brainstorm ideas more effectively.
  • check
    To improve my ability to communicate my ideas.
  • check
    To improve my ability to communicate my ideas.
  • check
    To potentially advance my career/business forward because I’ve improved in all the above-mentioned areas.

Are we more or less on the same page? Do you also have the same aspirations that I once had, and still have today?

If you do, then keep reading because as I continued down this path I came across something that completely shifted my perspective reality. It completely changed how I see the doodle.

The secret formula for learning how to draw!

As I did more research into drawing I eventually came across something that profoundly transformed how I draw. In fact, I no longer try to draw, I rather doodle. And I doodle using ONLY 12 basic shapes.

These 12 shapes are like letters of the alphabet.

the visual alphabet iqdoodle

Just like we use the letters of the alphabet to create words, and then use those words to form sentences, paragraphs and entire manuscripts. These 12 shapes are used in a very similar way. But instead of forming words, I rather use them to form pictures and tell stories through my visuals.

In fact, after working with these 12 fundamental shapes for several years, I am convinced that I can doodle absolutely anything using only these shapes.

Yes, I know it might be hard to believe that it only takes 12 shapes. But it actually works. In fact, it will blow your mind. You will be blown away with uncontrolled enthusiasm once you figure out how simple and straightforward this process is. 🙂

Remember earlier the story I was telling you when I was asked in a meeting to express my ideas visually? Well, towards the end of that meeting all I was doing was drawing basic shapes like a circle, square, triangle, blob, etc. I had no confidence in my drawing skills, but I certainly knew how to draw shapes.

I just didn’t know what else to do. Drawing these shapes just felt easy and natural. But, of course, I didn’t realize it at the time that I was actually onto something.

Then one day, I came across a video presented by Dave Gray. In this video, he walked me through the visual alphabet.

This visual alphabet is made up of 12 basic shapes that can be used to doodle absolutely anything your heart desires.

I watched the video from beginning to end and I was absolutely blown away. I couldn’t believe that it only took a combination of 12 shapes to draw anything I imagined.

I, of course, played around with this for several months and progressively taught myself how to doodle. And yes, I found that confidence I was lacking years before in that meeting room.

Doodling became easy, fun, and incredibly transformational. 🙂

I now doodle each day for brainstorming ideas, for taking visual notes, for solving problems, and for keeping my mind calm and focused. I also use doodles to represent ideas and share them with others.

Doodling has become one of those surprising transformational tools that has changed how I think and express myself visually. And it can also do the same for you. You just need to give it a try. 🙂

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What is Doodling?

Doodling is the process of turning your thoughts and ideas into structured visual notes, symbols and words on paper.

The Value of Doodling

Doodling unleashes your imagination by helping you express your ideas visually in creative ways at work, home or when at play.

No Artistic Skills Required

Doodling isn’t about art. It’s rather about getting your ideas across visually in the most effective and straightforward way possible.

Building a framework for learning how to doodle

I was so excited about the progress I was making that I decided to build a framework to help others learn how to doodle.

I’m, of course, no artist. In fact, I’m still learning just like you. However, if you stick with me and work through the 40-day course I have prepared for you, you will discover that you don’t necessarily need to be an artist to learn how to think visually.

I will, in fact, take you step-by-step through video instructions that show you how to doodle. And, boy do we go into a lot of depth. Here are just some of the highlights the course covers:

  • check
    Learn how to doodle anything using only 12 basic shapes.
  • check
    Discover how to use frameworks for doodling.
  • check
    Challenge yourself by working through creative doodling exercises.
  • check
    Explore how to doodle people including hands, feet, body parts, and more.
  • check
    Learn the fundamental principles for doodling metaphors and abstract words.
  • check
    And so much more to help you develop your creative capacity to think visually.

Okay, I hope that the depth of the course doesn’t frighten you. Yes, we do go into a lot of depth, but each lesson is so simple and straightforward.

Going through each lesson won’t take you a long time, and yet you will learn so much.

I cannot begin to tell you how many incredibly satisfied doodlers I’ve had go through this course over the years.

I’ve personally replied to tens of thousands of emails and received over 6,000 doodle submissions from beginner doodlers just like you who had no idea how to draw. But they took the plunge anyways and today they are making full use of their new found doodle skills. 🙂

Here is just some of the feedback I’ve received:

Stephen Sharp

 Stephen Sharp 

Life coach 

I am an avid visual thinker. I use mind maps and sketchnotes in all aspects of my everyday personal and professional life. My artistic skills are not so accomplished and I wanted a course that enabled me to produce doodles that made my notes more appealing and interesting (for myself and others). Having looked at several courses on the internet, I took Adam’s 40-day doodle course. It was easy to understand, with short daily lessons that build understanding through daily practice. Through the use of the visual thinking alphabet, the reader begins by doodling simple everyday objects and progresses to more ‘advanced’ doodles. What was important to me was the ability to produce very fast, simple doodles. My intention was not to produce works of art, just a communication and thinking tool. There is a significant body of Neuroscience research that supports the use of images, white space, layout etc, and by introducing doodles to my notes and communications I have achieved that. I can't recommend the course highly enough if you are looking to improve your visual thinking and communication skills.



Life coach 

Adam, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was truly an amazing course, just the perfect bits of information to digest and practice daily. It was fun, and inspiring! I learned so much in these past 40 days! I would recommend to anyone who says ”I cannot draw!” Simple, easy to follow steps and guidelines! I had a blast! Thank you again I am most appreciative and grateful! You are a master teacher!


Hakan gÖkbayrak

Teacher, photographer

Hi Adam. Big thanks for your amazing 40 days doodle course. I just finished it. I made my first visual note for my real business project and it is still in my desk. I really enjoy when I prepare it and my wife says that it looks very stylish. Many thanks Adam. I am looking forward to your new courses.

main thumb 81215879 200

Nithya Parepalli  


I literally started doodling things that I see, hear and feel … I’m living in the DOODLE WORLD. Yay! Thanks a lot for all the things which you have taught. I have learned many new things that I never knew before. I gained lot of confidence with the ‘creative challenges'. The golden rule “Nothing is right or wrong in doodling” makes me think more creatively and to be as simple as possible. Once again thanks for the course, recommendations and the immediate response for the emails which adds life to the course.



Marketing Software engineer, drummer, student of life 

Thank you so much for the course, Adam! I feel like I really improved thanks to it, in doodling skills, but also in creative thinking more generally!

An Indispensable Skill That Could Change Your Life

Great thinkers throughout history have moved communities, society and in many cases entire nations forward because of their ability to think creatively and solve problems effectively.

They were able to do this because of their ability to bring their thoughts to life visually on paper.

Visualizing their problems on paper provided them with clarity, and with clarity came insights that helped them find the solutions they were after.

You too can develop this ability and it all begins with learning how to doodle.

The How to Doodle Beginner Course will provide you with the foundational skills you need to begin solving your problems visually.

But, if all you want to do is to simply learn how to draw anything using 12 basic shapes, then that’s okay too. You’ve found the right place. All that other stuff about transforming the world is a bonus. 😉

Let’s just begin the process and learn how to doodle first. We can worry about the bigger stuff and all those major global problems later. Let’s first get started with doodling. 🙂

Your first 5 lessons of the course are free

Oh, and by the way, did I tell you that the first 5 lessons of the course are absolutely FREE? Yes, you can actually go through and learn about the visual alphabet and then immediately start doodling stuff.

In fact, you will develop your fundamental doodling skills within the first 5 lessons of the course. By that stage, you will already have enough knowledge and understanding of how to doodle that you can use to doodle almost anything your heart desires.

The remaining lessons are for those who want to explore different aspects of doodling in far more depth and detail.

And this is, of course, a self-paced learning course. So you can get started right now and go through it as quickly or as slowly as you like. And did I mention that the first 5 lessons are FREE? Okay, I did mention it, but wanted to remind you again. 😉

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What are you waiting for?
There is no risk.

Just Sign Up and start your course today 🙂






 Doodling opens the doors to a world full of possibilities and potential

Just before I finish up I wanted to give you a heads-up about where this doodling journey could potentially take you.

Remember that this ain’t just about doodling. This is about learning an indispensable life skill that you can use to advance your career or to add more value to your existing customers.

After going through the doodle course, some doodlers have used this skill to build new career paths in graphic recording and visual coaching. Others have used them to improve how they think and present ideas.

We’ve had students use their newfound doodling skills to improve their studies and prepare for examinations.

We’ve had parents use doodling to connect with their kids, and kids use doodling to help their parents to better understand them. 😉

Others have used doodling for project planning, for brainstorming ideas, for solving their problems, for making more effective decisions, for learning how to think more creatively, for communicating their ideas during meetings, for taking visual notes, and so much more.

Learning how to doodle is not so much an artistic skill. It’s rather a personal transformation skill. It’s a skill that can lead to your personal growth and development. It just all depends on how you use it. 🙂

If you make the most of this doodling course, it could literally transform your life. 🙂

See the work of our students

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If you go through the entire course, undertake every exercise for each lesson and still don’t feel that you’ve improved your doodling skills, then simply ask for your money back. My guarantee is good for 30 days from the moment you sign up.


Okay, so I haven’t yet mentioned something that I feel will be of incredible value for you. I’ve left it till last because it’s kind of like the icing on the cake that makes it taste “oh so sweet”. 😉

Included as part of the 40 Day Beginner Doodle Course is an 11 Day Visual Note-Taking Course that teaches you step-by-step how to create visual notes using the doodle skills you develop over the first 29 days of the course.

Each one of these 11 modules includes a video breakdown of the lesson followed by written instructions and visuals that provide more detail. I then, of course, set your homework assignments to help you master each lesson.

These modules will show you how to turn your doodles into beautiful and captivating visual notes. And that’s essentially what IQ Doodling is all about. It’s about creating intelligent doodles (IQ) that help us learn, grow, and expand our understanding of the world.

So whether you’re in a meeting, sitting in a seminar, reading a book, taking lecture notes, partaking in a workshop or simply listening to a podcast, then this course is for you.

These modules will teach you how to create visual notes that stimulate your brain and captivate your imagination.

So, if you would like to better understand how to turn your ideas into structured visual notes, then this course is for you.

Here is a quick overview of these 11 visual note-taking modules:

  • Learn how to turn doodles into words and fonts.
  • Learn how to express yourself visually using diagrams.
  • Learn how to make the most of handwritten captions.
  • check
    Learn how to best utilize dividers and separators.
  • check
    Learn how to use and doodle arrows and connector
  • check
    Learn how to make the most of bullets and icons.
  • check
    Learn how to create frames and bubbles to express yourself visually
  • check
    And learn how to piece all these elements together to create breathtaking and captivating visual notes

Check out the examples below

When you purchase the Beginner Doodle Course, I will also throw in a few additional bonuses valued at over $60.

BONUS 1: A Visual Vocabulary Pack

Gain access to over 200 visual vocabulary doodles. These doodles help you visualize how to doodle a wide range of things from A to Z. Use them as a reference guide to practice your doodling skills, or use the raw image files to spice up your presentations and documents.

BONUS 1 A Visual Vocabulary Pack e1533158031673
Visual Vocabulary Lessons

BONUS 2: Visual Vocabulary Lessons

Here I have taken the Visual Vocabulary Pack and turned it into a 36 part lesson plan that you can use to keep building your doodling skills. These aren’t video-based lessons. You do, however, receive access to user submitted examples that you can use for inspiration.

BONUS 3: 400+ Royalty Free Doodles

Gain access to over 400 royalty free doodles available in high-resolution transparent format. These are the raw image files used to create IQ Doodles. Feel free to insert them into your documents and presentations. You can even use them as a source of inspiration for creating your own doodles.

400 Royalty Free Doodles
A Goal Setting Process IQ Doodle

BONUS 4: Goal Setting IQ Doodle

Gain access to the Six-Step Goal Setting Process IQ Doodle. This IQ Doodle takes you through how to set more effective goals. So whether you have career, academic, business or doodling goals, use it as a guide and a source of inspiration as you work toward your objectives.

Click the button below to gain access to the Beginner Doodle Course, that Also includes the Visual Note-taking Modules and all 4 bonuses.

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Includes the Beginner Doodle Course and Additional Visual Note-Taking Modules.

  • Working time 40 days 
  • Access to 40 Instructional Videos
  • Access to 6,000+ User Submissions
  • Instant Access to 40 Lessons
  • BONUS 1: Visual Vocabulary Pack
  • BONUS 2: Visual Vocabulary Lessons
  • BONUS 3: 400+ Royalty Free Doodles
  • BONUS 4: Goal Setting IQ Doodle

Try it for Free!

Try the First 5 Lessons of the Course for Free!

  • Working time 5 days 
  • Access to 5 Instructional Videos 
  • Access to 100 User Submissions
  • Instant Access to 5 Lessons 

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Adam Sicinski

P.S.: I cannot promise you that going through this course will change your life. However, what I can promise you is that if you apply yourself to going through all the lessons and exercises, that you will learn how to doodle. In fact, after going through the Beginner Doodle Course you will be better than 99 percent of people at doodling. That’s my guarantee or your money back. 🙂