How to Doodle Yelling

Step 1

Let’s take a look at how to doodle someone yelling or just looking mean and angry. 🤬 To begin with, draw an oval in the middle of your page. This oval will represent the head of our doodle character.

how to doodle yell 01

Step 2

Next, let’s look at how to doodle the eyes of our character. In this instance, we want to make the eyes look a little mean and nasty as though they’re staring down someone. It’s easiest to draw the right eye first (your right, not the character’s right) 😉 Then draw the partially hidden left eye next. The right eye is represented by a full oval shape, and the left eye with a partial oval shape. Then use a couple of arc shapes for the eyelids and dots for the retina. And now you should have something that looks kind of like the example below. If it looks different, not to worry. Just experiment with the eyes a little more by changing their shape or position.

how to doodle yell 02

Step 3

To draw the ears of our character, use a couple of oval shapes. Then for the mouth, use a couple of upside-down arc shapes then a right-side-up arc shape to represent the tongue. Really not much to this. Again, feel free to experiment with the shapes you use to change the facial expression if you feel it’s not quite right.

how to doodle yell 03

Step 4

To represent the idea of “yelling” or “anger” in general, we need to look at the eyebrows. The eyebrows often are a huge point of expression when it comes to doodling faces. Here, we want to make sure that we angle the eyebrows downward toward the middle of the eyes (where both eyes meet). This will give us the look that we are after. Then use several lines shapes for the hair. Or, feel free to experiment with a different style of haircut. 😉

how to doodle yell 04

Step 5

The final step is to give our doodle character some color. Complementary colors were used in this instance, but feel free to experiment with this. And there we have it. This is our very basic doodle representation of someone yelling or just looking a little less than satisfied with whatever is going on here. 🤬

how to doodle yell 05