How to Doodle Yawn

Step 1

Let’s take a look at how to create a very simple doodle that shows someone yawning. Let’s see if we can use a very small amount of shapes while piecing this doodle together. Begin your yawning doodle by drawing an arc shape for the head. Then add a couple of small arc shapes for the ears. We are leaving a space on the bottom of the head (where the neck is) as we will be drawing a hand in this space.

how to doodle yawn 01

Step 2

When we yawn, we tend to put a hand over our mouths. Let’s represent this in our doodle. In the space where we left a gap, let’s draw the hand. Draw the hand using a combination of intertwined arc shapes. No need to fuss over the hand. It’s intimidating to draw hands if you’re a first-time doodler. Remember though that when it comes to doodling, hands don’t need to be perfect. They just need to look somewhat like hands. 🙂


how to doodle yawn 02

Step 3

Next, draw a couple of large oval shapes for the eyes and then use an arc shape for the mouth. Notice how part of our hand is covering the mouth in the example below. At the moment our yawning doodle looks a bit more shocked rather than tired. So, let’s fix this up in the following two steps.

how to doodle yawn 03

Step 4

When we yawn, it’s often an indication that we’re feeling tired. To show that our character is feeling tired, we need to make the eyes look a little sleepy. To do this, use several arc shapes that show the eyes partially closed. Then use a few more arc shapes for the bags under the eyes, for the creases around the mouth, and for the three strands of hair on top of the head.

how to doodle yawn 04

Step 5

The final step is to give our doodle character some color. And there we have it. This is our very simple doodle showing someone yawning. You might be looking at the doodle and asking “where is the nose?” Not really necessary in this instance. But you can add a nose if you like. 🙂

how to doodle yawn 05