How to Doodle Wish

Step 1

If someone asked you to doodle a wish, what would you draw? When I think back to my childhood, a star comes to mind. I think that most children are probably taught to look up into the night sky and make a wish upon a falling star. It goes back to the classic Disney song from Pinocchio “When you wish upon a star…”. I’m sure you know it even if you haven’t seen the movie. With that in mind, let’s use a STAR as the main focus of our WISH doodle. To begin your doodle, let’s draw a star. In the example below, I’ve drawn a star using a combination of five v-shapes. You can either draw them individually and connect the v-shapes one by one, or you can draw the star without taking your pencil off the page. Completely up to you. Remember, your star does not need to be perfect-looking. Just give it a go. Even if your star is oddly shaped, it will likely still look like a star, and that’s what counts when it comes to doodling. 😊

how to doodle a wish 01

Step 2

To highlight that we are drawing a shooting star, let’s add three lines to our doodle. In the example below, I’ve used three long relatively flat arc shapes. These three lines point from the ground toward the star. Here, we are trying to create the impression that our star is moving in time and space, or in other words, across the sky. 😉


how to doodle a wish 02

Step 3

Let’s now add a few more small lines to our doodle. I’ve drawn these lines in between the three lines I drew in the previous step. These lines don’t add anything significant to our doodle. In some ways, they’re not really that necessary. The idea is to show that our star is moving along a path. You can, therefore, draw a combination of different types of lines. It makes no difference what those lines are as long as it can help visualize that our star is following a path in the night sky.

how to doodle a wish 03

Step 4

To give our star a little more energy in the night sky, let’s add what looks like droplets to the outside of the star. These droplets indicate that the star is radiating energy as it moves across the night sky.

how to doodle a wish 04

Step 5

The final step in our WISH doodle is to give our star some color. I’ve used a typical yellow color, but you can use any other color. Who says that stars are yellow anyways? 😉 Now that you have my example of what a WISH looks like in doodle format, what other ways can you think of to draw a WISH?

how to doodle a wish