How to Doodle Wink

Step 1

If I asked you to doodle a WINK, what would you draw? Here, we want to create a very simple doodle the shows someone winking. More specifically, let’s just keep it very simple and show a face winking. Let’s have a look at how that might look like. To begin with, let’s draw the nose. For the nose, use three arc shapes of varied length and depth. In the example below, the longest arc is used for the bridge of the nose, while the shorter arcs are used to draw the nostrils.

how to doodle wink 01

Step 2

Now that we have our nose, let’s now draw the eyes. First, let’s draw the open eye. To doodle this eye use a couple of arc shapes and an oval shape for the iris. Now, as for the winking eye, we’ll draw this a little differently. An easy way to show that an eye is closed when doodling is to use a v-shape. In this example, I used a sideways v-shape for the winking eye.


how to doodle wink 02

Step 3

This is now starting to look like a face. We’ve made some good progress. But, let’s now also draw some eyebrows. For the eyebrows, let’s use a couple more arc shapes. Notice in the example below the positioning of the eyebrows and the angles at which they are drawn on our face. Because the one eye is winking, I’ve made the eyebrow a little more vertical. You can, of course, play around with this.

how to doodle wink 03

Step 4

The one thing that we are now missing is a mouth. To draw the mouth, we’ll again keep things very simple. We will use another couple more v-shapes for the outline of the mouth and the lips. Notice how the larger v-shape is above and the smaller v-shape is positioned below. Notice also the angles used to draw these v-shape lines. Your mouth doesn’t necessarily need to look like this. Feel free to play around with it. There are many possibilities you could try.

how to doodle wink 04

Step 5

The final step in our WINKING doodle is to give the iris of our eye some color. I have chosen the color brown, but you can choose the color green, blue, black or any other color you like. You can, if you wish, add some shadow lines to the face or even some added color. Not necessary in this instance, but completely up to you. I think we’ve done a good enough job to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible while getting the idea across that our character is winking. What do you think? Do you have any other ways you can think of to draw someone winking?

how to doodle wink 05