How to Doodle Whistle

Step 1

If someone asked you to doodle a WHISTLE, how would you draw it? There are a couple of ways we could tackle this. We could, for instance, draw the whistle in 2-dimensional space. However, for this example, let’s draw it in 3-dimensional space instead. It’s a little trickier but will be worth the extra effort. 😀 Begin by drawing an oval on the right side of your page. Notice in the example how there is a slight gap on the left side of the oval. It’s important to include this gap.

how to doodle whistle 01

Step 2

Extending from the gap, use a couple of long straight lines. Then, at the end of those lines, connect them using a short straight line. Notice also the angles of the long straight lines. Taking note of these angles will be important as we attempt to add a third dimension to our doodle.

how to doodle whistle 02

Step 3

Let’s now add this third dimension. This part might look a little tricky, but it really isn’t. What you’re doing here is mirroring parts of the shapes you drew in the first two steps. You are essentially following the curvature of the lines you drew for the oval and straight-line shapes. See the example below.

how to doodle whistle 03

Step 4

Your next step is to now connect all the shapes together. Closing the gaps between the lines gives us the 3-dimensional effect. I’ve also added a rectangle to the whistle for the air to come out. Without this, the whistle would be useless. 😞

how to doodle whistle 04

Step 5

The final step is to give your whistle doodle some color. Feel free to play around with the colors. In the example below I’ve used different shades of blue to distinguish the top, side, and inside of the whistle. When you use different shades of color, this gives your doodle a little more depth. It also distinguishes the different angles at which light reflects off the whistle. You can’t really go wrong here as the light can reflect from a variety of different angles. So feel free to play around with this.

how to doodle whistle05 1