How to Doodle Wealth

Step 1

If someone asked you to doodle WEALTH, what would you draw? When it comes to WEALTH, a number of things come to mind including big houses, expensive cars, diamond rings, and money. From this list, money would be the easiest to represent in a simple doodle. But, just drawing money probably won’t get the right message across. We rather need to draw a large sum of money. And the best way to do that is to put all our money in a bag and use that bag as a representation of WEALTH. Let’s see what that might look like. Let’s begin our doodle by drawing the outside of our “money” bag. Use a single curved line to draw the outside shape of the bag. There are no hard and fast rules to follow. It’s just recommended to use one extended line and to make the lower section of the bag wider than the upper section as shown in the example below. Notice how I have left a gap at the top of our bag.

how to doodle wealth 01

Step 2

Let’s now fill this gap by sealing our bag at the top. For this, I have used a combination of wavy lines, straight lines, and arc shapes. This now makes it look as though our bag is sealed (tied) at the top. And it also means that all our cash won’t fall out of our bag. 🙄

how to doodle wealth 02

Step 3

At this stage, it looks like a bag filled with stuff. But what kind of stuff? It could just as easily be Santa’s big red bag filled with presents. 🎅 But, that’s not quite what we are doodling here. We want this bag to represent the idea of WEALTH. And the best way to do that is to draw the simple for the dollar on the front of the bag. If you use another currency, you can, of course, include the symbol for that currency on the front of your bag.

how to doodle wealth 03 1

Step 4

To make the idea of WEALTH pop out in our doodle, let’s emphasize different parts of our bag using a combination of v-shaped lines and curved lines. In the example below, I have drawn the focus and attention on the top part of our money bag and also on the bottom section. These lines give the impression that this bag is important. They kind of draw more attention to the bag. So, for instance, if you include other doodles around this money bag, then these additional lines will draw more attention to this bag than if you were not to use any lines at all. It’s kind of as if the bag is alive and vibrant.

how to doodle wealth 04

Step 5

The final step is to give our money bag some color. I’ve kept it simple in the example below and used a generic green color that typically represents money. And there we have it. This is one representation of wealth. But this, of course, isn’t the only way you could represent the idea of wealth. There are plenty of other options we could have considered. How many other ways could your represent the idea of wealth in a doodle?

how to doodle wealth 05