How to Doodle a Washer

Step 1

Begin by doodling an upright rectangle in the middle of your page. Next, separate the rectangle into two parts using a horizontal line. Doodle this line in the top quarter of the rectangle.

how to doodle washer 01

Step 2

Add some details to your washer by doodling a couple of large circles for the doors and smaller circles for the buttons. Also, doodle a small rectangle that represents the analog display on the washer and also for the handles on the door. You can, of course, be creative and play around with the size and positioning of the buttons and display screen.

how to doodle washer 02

Step 3

Now, add a third dimension to your washer by extending lines outward at a 45-degree angle and then joining them up to close the shape. These lines will form the top and side walls of the washer. Be sure to keep the angles of these lines consistent and even.

how to doodle washer 03

Step 4

Add some finer details to your washer. Particularly for this doodle, we want to show that the door of the washer is made of a reflective surface (i.e. glass). To show this, simply doodle a blob on the door area. This will indicate that the glass is reflective. Finally, add some shading to the side panel of your washer using straight lines. Pay particular attention to keep the angles of the lines consistent.

how to doodle a washer

Step 5

The final step is to add some color to your washer. Use different shades of the same color and complementary colors to give your washer a unique style.

how to doodle washer