How to Doodle Warm

Step 1

If someone asked you to doodle the idea of WARMTH or feeling WARM, what would you doodle? The first thing that comes to mind for me is a thermometer heating up in the sun in the middle of summer. Let’s, therefore, take a look at how we can represent this visually. To begin with, let’s draw the body of our thermometer. Starting on the bottom of your page, draw an oval with a gap at the top. From there, draw an elongated curved line that will become the top part of our thermometer.

how to doodle warm01

Step 2

At the moment we have something that could pass for a thermometer. We do, however, need to add a few more details for it to be recognized as such. Begin by drawing another open oval shape inside the original open oval shape you drew in Step 1. Then from there, draw another elongated curved line extending from that oval shape. It’s pretty much a mirror of what we drew in Step 1. Then inside the oval shape draw a teardrop as shown below.

how to doodle warm02

Step 3

So, now we have what looks very much like a thermometer. Now we need to highlight that it’s a warm day. To do this, let’s draw a sun shining down on our thermometer. Use another oval shape to represent the sun. Notice in the example that the sun is partially hidden by the thermometer.

how to doodle warm03

Step 4

At the moment, having that oval next to our thermometer doesn’t quite represent a sun. The oval could just as easily be a moon or a ball of some sort. We, therefore, need to draw rays extending from our sun. To do this, use straight lines (some short and some long) extending from the oval outward. Then on your thermometer, let’s add a few horizontal lines to highlight the different temperature levels that can be displayed.

how to doodle warm04

Step 5

The final step is to give our thermometer and sun doodle some color. I’ve chosen to use standard colors in the example below. Yellow represents the sun, and red represents the temperature indicator. As always, feel free to experiment with the colors. And so, there we have it. This becomes our visual representation of WARMTH or WARM. How many other ways could you represent the idea of WARMTH using a doodle?

how to doodle warm 05