How to Doodle Thumbs Up

Step 1

drawing thumbs up

To create a thumbs up doodle, begin by drawing an elongated oval shape in the middle of your page. This oval shape will become one of our fingers.

Step 2

draw thumbs up

Let’s now doodle the other three fingers. Again, use elongated oval shapes to represent these fingers. Notice how only the top finger is fully visible. The other fingers below it are partially covered by the finger directly above it.

Step 3

doodling thumbs up

Use curved lines to doodle the upper and lower portion of the hand. Then use an elongated arc shape to doodle the thumb as shown within the example.

Step 4

doodle thumbs up

Use straight lines to draw the forearm and the shirt sleeve. Notice the angle of these lines in relation to the hand.

Step 5

how to doodle thumbs up

Add some finishing touches to your thumbs up doodle by giving your hand nails, wrinkles, and shadow. Use straight and curved lines for this purpose. Then finish things off by giving your thumbs up doodle some color.