How to Doodle a Target

How to Draw a Target (drawing tips)

Step 1

draw target

To doodle a target, begin by drawing a small circle in the middle of your page. Now doodle three larger circles around the outside of the smaller circle. Each circle is a little larger than the circle inside. Try and keep the space between the circles even.

Step 2

drawing target

To doodle the legs of the target, use straight lines. First, draw the front legs, then doodle the back legs. Notice how the back legs are only partly visible because the front legs cover them.

Step 3

doodling target

Next, doodle the top of the target using a simple arc shape. This is part of the stand that the target is attached to.

Step 4

doodle target

Let’s now doodle an arrow sticking out from the center of the target. To draw the arrow use straight lines as shown in the example above.

Step 5

how to doodle target

Finally, give your target a shadow effect using straight lines on the legs and on the top of the target. Then for the final touches add some color to give your target a little more character. The colors you choose, are, of course, up to you. Feel free to experiment. 🙂