How to Doodle a Stereo System

Step 1

The first step to doodling a stereo system kind of looks like skyscraper scene with buildings in the background. Use straight lines to form carefully positioned rectangles as shown in the example below. A quick tip here is to firstly doodle objects in the foreground followed by objects in the background. The reason for this is that objects in the foreground will partly cover background objects, which means you won’t need to scrub out any unwanted lines.

how to doodle stereo system 01

Step 2

Use circles, straight lines, and rectangles to doodle the speakers and the amplifier of your stereo system. Use the example below for reference, however, feel free to use your imagination and play around with the positioning of your lines, circles, and rectangles. Stereo systems come in many different shapes and sizes.
how to doodle stereo system 02

Step 3

Add a simple 3D effect to your speakers using straight lines. Pay particular attention to keeping the angles consistent and the lines straight.

how to doodle stereo system 03

Step 4

Time now to add some shading to the inside wall of your speakers. Shading in this way will give your speakers a little more depth and character.

how to doodle a stereo system

Step 5

The final touch is to give your stereo system some color. Use complementary colors or different shades of the same color. Use the example below for reference, or choose your own color pallet.

how to doodle stereo system