How to Doodle a Sheep

How to Draw a Sheep (drawing tips)

Step 1

how to doodle a sheep 01

Begin your sheep doodle by drawing a cloud shape in the middle of your page. Under this cloud shape, draw an elongated arc shape at a 45-degree angle. This will become the head of your sheep.

Step 2

draw a sheep

Draw the body of your sheep by doodling another larger cloud shape. Notice how part of this cloud shape is hidden behind the head of our sheep. To draw the ears of your sheep, doodle two elongated arc shapes that attach to the side of your sheep’s head.

Step 3

how to doodle a sheep 03

To draw the legs of your sheep, use straight lines and short arc shapes. Notice how the legs on the far side of our sheep are doodled higher and partially hidden behind the legs on the front part of our sheep that is facing us.

Step 4

doodling a sheep

To doodle the facial features of your sheep, use circles, arc shapes, and dots. You can, of course, be creative here and doodle your sheep’s facial expression in a slightly different way. 🙂

Step 5

how to doodle a sheep

Add the final touches to your sheep by giving it a “wooly” feel. Use wavy lines on the body and head of the sheep as shown within the example. Then finish things off by giving your sheep some color.