How to Doodle a Pot Plant

Step 1

drawing a pot plant

To doodle a potplant, begin by drawing a wide and slim rectangle in the middle of your page. Under that rectangle, doodle a square with a curved base that connects to that rectangle. This now becomes the pot for the pot plant.

Step 2

how to draw a pot plant

Let’s now take some time to doodle the plant part of our pot plant. 🙂 To do this, draw two curvy lines that meet at the top. See in the example how at the base the two lines are wider apart, while at the top they come together at a point.

Step 3

doodling a pot plant

To doodle the leaves of your plant, use arc shapes that are part of your visual alphabet. In the example, I have doodled 6 leaves. However, you can doodle more or less depending on how much work you would like to put into this doodle. 🙂 Notice also the spacing between each leaf and how they are positioned on the stem of the plant. You can, of course, play around with this. There are no fixed rules here.

Step 4

doodling a pot plant

To doodle the base of your pot plant, use a curved line. Kind of like an oval. But the oval doesn’t close as it’s positioned under the pot. This gives the impression that part of the base is lying behind the pot.

Step 5

how to doodel a pot plant

Add the final touches to your pot plant using straight and curved lines. Use straight lines on the pot to give it a shadow effect. Use curved and straight lines on the leaves to give them some more details. Then finally, give your pot plant some needed color to spice up the room. 😉