How to Doodle Plumbing

Step 1

drawing plumbingIf someone asked you to visualize PLUMBING, what would you draw? How about we draw a combination of a plunger, spanner and a drop of water. Let’s take a look and see what that would look like. First, let’s draw the plunger. Begin by using straight lines to doodle the handle of the plunger. Notice the angle of the lines and how they come together to form the handle.

Step 2

draw plumbing

Use arc shapes to draw the mouth of your plunger. Again, notice the angles we are working with in the example. To make things easy, remember to simplify your drawing into basic components. In this step, all we are doing is drawing various arc shapes.

Step 3

doodling plumbing

To the right of your plunger, use a combination of straight lines, curved lines, and an oval shape to draw your spanner. You can either start by drawing the handle of your spanner or, if you prefer, you can begin your doodle at the mouth of the spanner. Do whatever feels most natural for you.

Step 4

doodle plumbing

Use curved lines to draw a teardrop shape to the right of your spanner. This teardrop will represent the idea of “water”.

Step 5

how to doodle plumbing

Add the finishing touches to your doodle by giving it some color. And there we have it. These are three key elements that a plumber works with, which is why this becomes a great visual representation of plumbing. How many other ways can you think of to visualize the profession of plumbing?