How to Doodle a Plane

Step 1

how to draw a plane

To doodle a plane, begin by drawing the left wing of the plane using arc shapes that are part of your visual alphabet. We are doodling the wing of the plane first because it overlaps the main body of the plane.

Step 2

drawing plane

Let’s now doodle the body of our plane. There are many ways we can do this. But for this example, we will keep our shapes very simple. We use a fish-type of shape where it’s rounded on one side and finishes with a pointed end on the other side. This is very simple but works extremely well for what we’re trying to doodle here.

Step 3

draw plane

Time now to doodle the propeller and the right wing of our plane. To do so, use curved arc shapes as shown in the example above. Doodle the propeller on the nose of the plane, and the right wing extending out the right side of the plane. Notice how we are only showing a part of the wing in our doodle. The majority of the wing is, of course, hidden by the body of the plane.

Step 4

doodle plane

Let’s now add some details to your plane. We will use a couple of v-shaped lines to doodle the back of the plane and the main cockpit window. We will then use oval shapes that are also part of our visual vocabulary to doodle the passenger windows. How many windows you doodle is up to do. But with the space we have to work with, three windows seem like a good fit.

Step 5

how to doodle a plane

Time now to add the final touches to your plane. First, let’s add a shadow effect to the underside of the plane as well as to the left and right wing. Do this by using short straight lines. When done, add three additional straight lines behind the plane. This will give the impression that it is moving through the air. Notice also that the propeller has a shadow effect as well. The main cockpit window also has some checkered lines. This gives the impression that the window has a reflective surface. And finally, give your plane a little more character by adding some color.