How to Doodle an Open Door

How to Draw an Open Door (drawing tips)

Step 1

how to draw door

To doodle an open door, begin by drawing an upright rectangle in the middle of your page. Your rectangle doesn’t need to be perfect. Doodling is not about perfection but rather getting ideas across in an effective way.

Step 2

draw door

Let’s now doodle the door using straight lines. The upper and bottom lines should extend out on a 45-degree angle. Make sure that these lines are of equal length. Then close the shape with another straight line connected to the end of the two original lines you drew.

Step 3

drawing door

To give your door a 3-dimensional look, use three more straight lines. However, this time the lines will be angled in the opposite direction on a 45-degree angle as shown in the example. Then again, close the shape by drawing a straight line connecting the two lines.

Step 4

doodle door

Now draw another rectangle that will represent the doormat. This time the rectangle will be stretched out horizontally as shown within the example. Pay particular attention to the angles of the two outer lines (on the left and right). Notice how they are angled outwards to fit in the angle of the door. The angles here don’t need to be perfect. But angling them outward will certainly make the door scene we are drawing look more realistic.

Step 5

how to doodle open door

Add the final touches to your door by doodling a handle and some lines on your doormat. Also, use lines to add a shadow effect to the side of the door. Then color in your doodle. Doors can, of course, come in many different colors. Therefore, feel free to use your imagination. 🙂