How to Doodle an Octopus

Step 1

drawing an octopus

Begin your octopus doodle using three arc shapes. Two conjoined arc shapes will make up the eyes, and one larger arc shape will make up the head of our octopus.

Step 2

how to draw an octopus

Using curved lines to doodle the body and the tentacles of our octopus. Your tentacles, of course, don’t necessarily need to have the same shape as within the example. Feel free to change this up within your doodle.

Step 3

doodling an octopus

Continue drawing your octopus tentacles using curved lines with a pointy ending. Notice though how some tentacles overlap other tentacles. Feel free to experiment with this by purposefully doodling several tentacles behind the front tentacles you drew during step 2.

Step 4

doodle an octopus

Add some detail to your octopus doodle by drawing suction cups (suckers) on each tentacle as shown within the example. Also, use curved and wavy lines to add a few more details to the head.

Step 5

how to doodle an octopusFinalize your octopus doodle by drawing lines to create a shadow effect on the body. Then finish up by giving your octopus some color. Notice how the front tentacles are a lighter color than the tentacles at the back. This has been done on purpose. Feel free to experiment with this.