How to Doodle Neglected

Step 1

drawing neglected

If someone asked you to visualize the word NEGLECTED, what would you draw? Hmm, this is an interesting one. How about we draw a flower in a pot that’s slowly losing its petals. It could be quite a nice representation of the word NEGLECTED. Let’s begin our doodle by drawing the pot. Use a combination of rectangles and straight lines to draw your pot. Notice the angles of the vertical lines that extend from the base of our pot.

Step 2

draw neglected

Now, let’s draw the main stem of our flower. Doodle a curved line extending from the middle of the pot all the way to the outside as shown within the example. Then at the end of the stem, draw an oval shape. Notice the angle of our curved line and how it is leaning outside the pot.

Step 3

doodling neglected

Let’s now add a few more details to our flower. Use arc-shaped lines to draw the leaves. Then use three more arc-shapes do draw the flower petals that are still hanging onto our flower. Notice in the example how the leaves are not proper arc-shapes on the bottom side. The lines here curve out then back in again. This gives us a more realistic leaf shape.

Step 4

doodle neglected

To highlight that our flower is being neglected, let’s show that the petals are falling off and withering away. Use oval and arc-shapes to draw these flower petals. Notice how I have doodled a couple of curved lines extending from our flower. This shows that the petals are peeling off our flower.

Step 5

how to doodle neglected

Add the finishing touches to your doodle by giving it some color. And there we have it. This is our visual representation of something being neglected. The flower isn’t being looked after, and so it is losing its petals and withering away. 🙁 But this is, of course, just one way to visualize NEGLECTED. How many other ways can you think of?