How to Doodle a Necktie

How to Draw a Necktie (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing a necktie

How to tie doodle a necktie? Just as there are multiple ways to tie a necktie, there are also multiple ways to draw one. Let’s have a look at an example. To begin your necktie doodle, draw an upside-down arc shape. Then draw a straight line along the top to close the shape.

Step 2

draw a necktie

Next, draw a couple of straight lines extending downward from the original shape you drew in step 1. Then at the bottom, combine these straight lines with a v-shape. Notice the angles and length of these lines.

Step 3

doodling a necktie

Copy the same line structure in this step as well. However, the angles in this step are a little different and the lines are also shorter. However, the shapes you are doodling are exactly the same.

Step 4

doodle a necktie

Add some more details to your necktie by adding some straight lines to your doodle. This gives our necktie some texture. You can, of course, experiment with this and add a variety of lines in a number of different ways. The line variations will add a different kind of texture to your necktie.

Step 5

how to doodle a necktie

Add the finishing touches to your necktie by giving it some color. You can, of course, experiment with the colors. You can also add multiple colors and patterns to your necktie. Feel free to unleash your creativity. 🙂 And there we have it. This is our visual representation of a necktie. How many other ways can you think of to draw a necktie? Or what kind of creative patterns could you doodle on the necktie to give it some more character?