How to Doodle a Mop and Bucket

How to Draw a Mop and Bucket (drawing tips)

Step 1

Begin by doodling the bucket. Doodle the rectangle with curved corners as shown in the example below. Also, pay particular attention to the position and spacing of the lines on top of the bucket. Be sure to copy the design shown below.

Mop and Bucket 01

Step 2

Use curved lines to doodle the handle of the bucket. Draw this handle resting on the side of the bucket as represented in the example below.
Mop and Bucket 02

Step 3

Take time now to doodle the mop. Use curved lines for the handle of the mop and pay particular attention to the spacing between these lines. Now use wonky curved lines to doodle the mop head. Please use the example below for reference.

Mop and Bucket 03

Step 4

Use a blob shape and circles to represent the foam in the bucket, the bubbles floating above the bucket, and the water seeping out of the mop head. You can copy the example below, but if you wish you can add even more bubbles and foam. 🙂

Mop and Bucket 04

Step 5

The final step is to add some color to your doodle. You can either use complementary colors as shown in the example below or different shades of the same color. Color helps give your doodle more character and personality.

how to doodle Mop and bucket