How to Doodle Money

How to Draw Money (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing money

Begin by drawing the front bill of your money doodle. To do this, use curved and straight lines as shown in the above example.

Step 2

how to draw money

Let’s now add additional bills so that we can grow our money. πŸ˜‰ Again use curved lines for this purpose. Try and keep the lines evenly spaced.

Step 3

doodling money

It’s time now to close off the shapes by adding several straight lines to your money doodle as shown within the example.

Step 4

doodle money

Our doodle doesn’t quite yet look like a money doodle. We can fix that up very quickly by adding a dollar sign to the front bill. Add a couple of curved lines on either side of the dollar and some dots to every corner of each dollar bill.

Step 5

how to doodle money

The final step is to give our money some needed color. Money comes in a variety of colors. So feel free to use whatever colors you feel suit best. In this example, a green color was used. The front bill is a little lighter than the bills behind it. This gives our doodle a slight but not so subtle shadow/lighting effect. You can also add a final touch to your doodle by drawing a bit of spark to your money. Why? Not really sure. But it makes our money look a little more desirable. πŸ˜‰