How to Doodle a Microphone

How to Draw a Microphone (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing microphone

Doodling a microphone can be a little tricky. So make sure to follow the visual steps in this example. Begin by doodling the mid-section of your microphone using straight and curved lines as shown within the example.

Step 2

how to doodle microphone 03

Time now to draw the base of your microphone. For the base, use oval and arc shapes. Because part of the base is hidden behind the mid-section of the microphone, make sure that you don’t close your oval shape fully.

Step 3

doodling mirophone

Doodle the top of your microphone using curved lines and arc shapes. Try and keep the spacing between the lines consistent.

Step 4

doodle microphone

Let’s now give your microphone a little added detail. Use lines and circles for this purpose to doodle the buttons and the shadow effect as shown within the example.

Step 5

how to doodle microphone

Time now to put the finishing touches to your microphone by adding some color. Feel free to use a variety of colors to give your microphone some personality and character. 🙂 Or use complementary colors as shown within this example.