How to Doodle Maximum

Step 1

drawing maximum

If someone asked you to visualize the idea of MAXIMUM, what would you draw? We could tackle this in a number of ways. But, for this example, we will use a scale reading to represent the word. To begin your doodle, draw a couple of arc shapes that are closed off at the bottom with a straight line. Notice how one of the shapes is a little larger than the other.

Step 2

draw maximum

Use three smaller arc shapes to draw the inside of the scale. This combination of shapes will become our arrow. This arrow will highlight what the reading is on the scale.

Step 3

doodling maximum

Next, use a couple more arc shapes to visualize the maximum and minimum settings on the scale. Notice how on the left we end with a point. While on the right we use a straight line. That is where the MAXIMUM will be.

Step 4

doodle maximum

Let’s now highlight where the minimum and maximum levels are by writing the words MIN and MAX. Then use a couple more arc shapes as shown within the example.

Step 5

how to doodle maximum

Add the finishing touches to your doodle by giving it some color. And there we have it. This is our visual representation of MAXIMUM. How many other ways can you think of to visualize this word in the form of a simple doodle?