How to Doodle Learning

How to Draw Learning (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing learning

If someone asked you to visualize the idea of LEARNING, what would you draw? How about combining a book with a brain? To do this, begin by doodling a cloud in the middle to right side of your page. This will become the outline of our brain.

Step 2

draw learning

Next, use several curved lines to draw the brain step. Notice how the brain stem is on the bottom right side of the brain in the example.

Step 3

doodling learning

To doodle the book, use a combination of straight and curved lines. Notice the size and angles of these lines. Also, take note of the space between the book and the brain.

Step 4

doodle learning

In this fourth step, let’s add some more detail to our doodle. Use lines on the book to represent the pages. Then use a combination of straight and curved lines on the brain to give it a bit more detail. These now become the foundational pieces of a LEARNING doodle, however, we haven’t yet visualized the connection between the brain and the book. Let’s do that in the next step.

Step 5

how to doodle learning

To visually represent the idea of LEARNING, we must connect the brain with a book using a couple of arrows. Notice how the arrows point from the brain to the book and from the book to the brain. This represents the cycle of learning and gaining knowledge from reading. Then, of course, give your doodle some color. And there you have it. This is our interpretation of LEARNING. But I’m sure there are other ways you could visualize the idea of LEARNING. How many ideas can you think of?