How to Doodle an Iron

How to Draw an Iron (drawing tips)

Step 1

If you’re familiar with the HOUSE shape that is part of our visual vocabulary, then you should have no problems starting your iron doodle. Use straight lines that meet together at specific angles as shown in the example below. Also, doodle an elongated rectangle with rounded edges in the middle of this shape.

How to Doodle Iron 01

Step 2

It’s time now to add a 3D effect to your iron. Use slightly curved lines for this purpose and pay particular attention to keep the space between the lines and the original shape you drew above consistent and even.
How to Doodle Iron 02

Step 3

Continue adding 3D elements to your iron doodle using straight lines. Also, add some ovals to your iron. These ovals will represent the iron buttons.

How to Doodle Iron 03

Step 4

Next, add some shading to your iron doodle using straight lines and angles.

How to Doodle a Iron

Step 5

The final step is to add some color. Use complementary colors or different shades of the same color. And now you have doodled an iron. 🙂

How to Doodle Iron