How to Doodle Intimacy

Step 1

drawing intimacy

If someone asked you to visualize INTIMACY, what would you draw? This is a tough one. However, I have an idea we can work with. Let’s doodle it out. To begin with, draw an oval shape on your page. Notice how the oval shape is open on the bottom end. This will become the head of one of your icon characters.

Step 2

draw intimacy

Use an arc shape to draw the other character’s head to the left of the original head you drew in step 1 above. Notice the size and positioning of the head. Both heads are more or less the same size, and the second head is positioned on a 45-degree angle above the first head.

Step 3

doodling intimacy

We have our two heads in place. Now we need to visualize the intimacy between these two characters. To do this, use long arc shapes for the arms. Notice how the arms of our second character are wrapping around the shoulders of our first character.

Step 4

doodle intimacy

Let’s now doodle the arms and legs of our first character. We want to show that they are wrapping around our second character. Again, use elongated arc shapes for this purpose as shown within the example.

Step 5

how to doodle intimacy

To show that this is an intimate moment, let’s draw a couple of hearts around the two characters. Once our hearts are in place, give your doodle some color. And there you have it. This is our visual representation of INTIMACY. But, this is, of course, just one way to visualize intimacy. Can you think of any other ways to doodle this?