How to Doodle an Injection

Step 1

drawing injection

If someone asked you to visualize what an injection would look like, what would you draw? How about drawing a needle? To begin your doodle, draw a three-sided rectangle in the middle of your page. Notice the angle of this rectangle. Also, notice how the top of the rectangle has been left open.

Step 2

draw injection

Let’s now fill the top of the rectangle with a very slim and flat rectangle. Notice that the slim rectangle is slightly wider than the large rectangle.

Step 3

doodling injection

To draw the pointy end of our needle, use a v-shape combined with a straight line. Two simple shapes that help us get the message across that this is the pointy end of our doodle. 😉

Step 4

doodle injection

For the other side of your needle, use a couple more rectangle shapes as shown within the example. This is the injecting end of our needle.

Step 5

how to doodle injection

Add the finishing touches to your needle by drawing several lines along the inside of the original rectangle you drew in step 1. These are our measuring lines. Then give your doodle some color. And there you have it. This is our injection doodle. You could, of course, spice up this doodle by showing the injection being inserted into a body part. Or, there could be other ways to represent and injection in a visual way. How many other ways can you think of?