How to Doodle Hands Clasping

How to Draw hands Clasping (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing hands clasping

Doodling two hands clasping can seem overwhelming. Where do we begin? Well, let’s just begin with a coupon of elongated oval shapes drawn in the middle of your page. Notice the positioning, shape, and size within the example.

Step 2

draw hands clasping

Let’s now doodle two additional oval shapes alongside the bottom shape we drew in step 1. Notice how these two oval shapes are partly hidden behind the original shape. This is important as not all fingers in our clasped hands doodle are fully visible.

Step 3

doodling hands clasping

To doodle the knuckles of our right hands, use three large arc shapes. Notice the positioning of these arc shapes. Notice also where they begin and end. Getting this balance right will help make our hand clasping doodle look more realistic.

Step 4

doodle hands clasping

Use curved and straight lines to doodle both arms and the shirt sleeves. Notice the angle of these lines as well as the length in relation to other lines we have doodled.

Step 5

how to doodle hands clasping

Time now to add the finishing touches to your hand clasping doodle. First, give your fingers nails by using a combination of arc shapes and lines. Then create a shadow effect using small straight lines. And finally, add some color. Notice how the left forearm is a slightly darker color. This was done on purpose as the shadow of the right forearm darkens the color on the left forearm.