How to Doodle a Guru

How to Draw a Guru (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing a guru

If someone asked you to visualize a GURU, what would you draw? Let’s take a look at an example. To begin with draw a triangle with rounder corners. Notice how the top section of the triangle creates an arc-shape. This will become the body of your guru.

Step 2

draw a guru

To draw the head of your Guru, doodle an oval that connects to the top section of the body you drew in step 1. Notice how this isn’t a full oval shape.

Step 3

doodling a guru

To draw the legs of your Guru character, use a wide arc-shape. Notice how this arc shape extends beyond the length of the top section of the Guru’s body. This is a great start, but at this stage, our doodling doesn’t really look like much. Kind of looks like a chess pawn. 🙂

Step 4

doodle a guru

Let’s now add some details to make our doodle look more like a Guru. Notice the straight lines and arc shapes used on the legs the arms and the face of our Guru figure. These are all very simple shapes. And with these shapes in place, we can now see our Guru character come to life. 🙂

Step 5

How to doodle a guru

Add the finishing touches to your Guru character by giving him some color. You can, of course, play around with the colors. And there you have it. We now have our Guru figure that you can doodle in just a few seconds. 🙂