How to Doodle Gravity

Step 1

drawing gravity

If someone asked you to visualize GRAVITY, what would you draw? This is a tough one since gravity is imperceptible. However, it is possible to represent it in a visual by using something we are already familiar with. For this doodle, let’s draw a representation of our solar system to visualize gravity. Begin your doodle by drawing a circle in the middle of your page. This circle will become the center of our gravity field.

Step 2

draw gravity

Around this circle, draw numerous v-shapes as shown within the example. This now becomes our sun which lies at the center of our gravity field.

Step 3

doodling gravity

Around our sun, let’s draw three larger circles. Notice the spacing and size of each of the three circles. These circles will become the orbits of planets revolving around the sun.

Step 4

doodle gravity

To help us represent the idea of GRAVITY, let’s now draw these planets. Doodle three circle shapes along each of our orbits. These circle shapes will become our planets orbiting around the sun.

Step 5

how to doodle gravity

Add the finishing touches to your GRAVITY doodle by giving it some color. And there you have it. This is just one visual representation of gravity. How many other ways can you think of that would help us to visualize gravity?