How to Doodle a Graduation

How to Draw a Graduation Cap (drawing tips)

Step 1

draw a graduation

To doodle a graduation cap, begin by drawing a diamond in the middle of your page. Notice how the diamond shape is a little offset from the middle. From another perspective, it’s a flat square shape lying on the ground. This shape will become the top part of your graduation cap.

Step 2

drawing graduation

Next, let’s doodle the lower half of our graduation cap. Use two straight lines on the sides, and a curved line for the bottom section of the cap. Notice also how this new shape we have created is positioned in the horizontal center of our diamond shape.

Step 3

doodle graduation

To doodle your tassel, first draw a small circle in the middle of your triangle. Then extend two lines from that circle. Notice how the two lines form a v-shape that extends downwards.

Step 4

doodling a graduation

Use several more short lines by adding them to the end of your tassel. Then use additional straight lines along the lower section of your graduation cap to create a nice shadow effect.

Step 5

how to doodle a graduation

The final step is to give your graduation cap some needed color. Blue was used in this example, but I’ve seen them in purple, red, and black. Feel free to experiment with the colors. 🙂