How to Doodle Gossip

Step 1

drawing gossip

If someone asked you to visualize the idea of GOSSIP, what would you draw? How about two icon characters talking to each other. To begin your doodle, draw two circles in the middle of your page. These two circles will become the heads of our two characters. Notice how I have also added a small arc shape to each circle. These arc shapes represent the noses of our characters.

Step 2

draw gossip

To draw the body of our two characters, use a combination of three arc shapes for each body. Notice how some arc shapes are slightly more curved than others. Because we are trying to keep our doodle as simple as possible, we won’t be adding any more details to the body of our two characters. This is enough to get our idea across that these are to people in conversation.

Step 3

doodling gossip

Let’s now draw a talking bubble above the two heads. Use an oval shape for this purpose. Notice how there are two v-shapes that break up the bubble pointing at each of our characters. This is to show that they are sharing a conversation.

Step 4

doodle gossip

To highlight that there is an actual conversation going on between these two characters, I have added squiggly lines to the talking bubble. These squiggly/wavy lines represent words shared by our two characters.

Step 5

how to doodle gossip

To finish off, give your characters some color. And there you have it. This is now our GOSSIP visual. So the next time someone asks you to visualize GOSSIP you will know what to draw. However, this is only one way of representing the word GOSSIP. How many other ways can you think of?