How to Doodle a Flag Pole

How to Draw a Flag

Step 1

drawing flag

To doodle a flagpole with a flag, use straight lines that start out a little wider then get narrower as we move up the flagpole. Also, notice how at the bottom of the flagpole we have a slight bump or curve. This gives the impression that the flagpole is coming out of the ground or a stand that we will doodle a little later.

Step 2

how to draw flag

To doodle the flag, use curved-wavy lines for the top and bottom part of your flag. Then use a straight line to close the shape. Please see the example. This gives the impression that the flag is blowing in the wind. If you prefer not to have it blowing in the wind, then you can use a rectangle to represent your flag.

Step 3

doodling flag

Let’s now add a few more details to your flagpole. First, doodle the base of your pole using an oval and curved lines as shown within the example. Notice how part of the oval shape is hidden behind the main part of the flagpole. This gives the impression that the flagpole is covering part of the base. This is why we doodle the flagpole before doodling the base. When done, add an oval to the top of your flagpole as shown within the example.

Step 4

how to doodle a flag

It’s time now to use our creativity to doodle an image or pattern on the flag. In the example, I didn’t use too much creativity. I simply doodled six curved lines that make it look like the Finnish flag. Notice how the curved lines kind of match the curved lines on the out edges of the flag. This isn’t necessary, but makes the image look a little more realistic. You can, of course, doodle any pattern or image you like on the flag. Feel free to use your imagination. 🙂

Step 5

how to doodle a flag

Let’s now add the final touches to your flag. First, add some lines to the base to give it a shadow effect. Add some checkered lines to the top of your flagpole to make it seem as though it has a reflective surface. Also, add some curved and wobbly lines around your flag to give it the impression that it’s blowing in the wind. You can also add some arc shapes to the flagpole where the flag is attached to the pole to highlight that there is a string holding the flat to the flagpole. And finally, add some color to give your flag some life.