How to Doodle a Fireplace

How to Draw a Fireplace (drawing tips)

Step 1

Begin your fireplace doodle by doodling a couple of elongated slim rectangles with rounded edged. Doodle one rectangle above near the top of your page, and the other below it. Try to make these rectangles similar in size and similar in vertical position on your page.

How to Doodle Fireplace 01

Step 2

Next, use straight lines to join your two rectangles from top to bottom as shown in the example below.
How to Doodle Fireplace 02

Step 3

Now, use a couple of arc shapes in combination with several straight lines to doodle the brick area around the fire.

How to Doodle Fireplace 03

Step 4

Time now to doodle the actual fire. Doodling fire is a little tricky. Use curved angled lines that peak three times as shown in the example below. It’s kind of like doodling waves or hills. Once you doodle the main fire, be sure to doodle a small fire within the main fire.

How to Doodle a Fireplace

Step 5

The final step is to give your fireplace doodle some color. Use either complementary colors or various shades of the same color. Fire is typically a red, yellow or orange color, however, as always, feel free to use your imagination. 🙂

How to Doodle Fireplace