How to Doodle Evidence

How to Draw Evidence (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing evidence

If someone asked you to doodle EVIDENCE, what would you draw? How about a magnifying glass hovering over droplets of blood. To begin your magnifying doodle, draw a circle in the middle of your page.

Step 2

draw evidence

Now draw another larger circle around the original circle you drew in step 1. Notice how the distance between the two circles is even all the way around.

Step 3

doodling evidence

To draw the handle of your magnifying glass, use an elongated arc shape that connects to the glass portion of your magnifying glass.

Step 4

doodle evidence

Now time to draw the evidence. For the evidence, let’s draw droplets of blood. And that, of course, sounds gruesome, 🙁 so if you want you can doodle anything else. You can even turn the droplets of blood into droplets of water. Notice how the droplets that are within the area of the magnifying glass are larger than the droplets outside.

Step 5

how to doodle evidence

Add the finishing touches to your evidence doodle by giving it some color. Notice how the glass area has a slight blue tinge. This gives us the impression that there is a glass element in the magnifying glass.