How to Doodle an Earthquake

Step 1

drawing an earthquake

If someone asked you to doodle an earthquake, what would you draw? How about a shaking building with a few finer details. 🙂 Begin your doodle by drawing a rectangle that’s missing its bottom side in the middle of your page. This shape will eventually become your building.

Step 2

draw an earthquake

Coming out through the bottom of this rectangle, draw zig-zag lines. Notice how two sets of zig-zag lines have been drawn. Notice also how they meet together at each end. Kind of looks like a lightning bolt.

Step 3

doodling an earthquake

Let’s now draw the ground that our building rests on. Use two slightly curved lines for this purpose. Notice the positioning, length, and angle of the lines in relation to the building. Also, notice how the lightning bolt is partially above the ground while a large part is below the ground.

Step 4

doodle an earthquake

Use four squares to doodle the windows on your building. If you want you can experiment by doodling more or fewer windows. You can even draw a door and a roof. Feel free to experiment with this.

Step 5

how to doodle an earthquake

Add the finishing touches to your earthquake doodle by drawing four zig-zag lines on either side of the building. This gives us the impression that the building is shaking. Then finish things off by giving your earthquake doodle some color. This is, of course, not the only way we could draw an earthquake. Feel free to experiment drawing other representations of an earthquake.