How to Doodle Debt

Step 1

drawing debt

If someone asked you to represent the idea of “debt” within a doodle, what would you draw? How about a credit card attached to a ball and chain. To begin your doodle, draw a rectangle in the middle of your page. This rectangle will represent your credit card.

Step 2

draw debt

Let’s now make the rectangle look more like a credit card by adding some details. Use straight and curved lines for this purpose. Also, draw some stars for the numbers. And for dramatic effect, you can also add your signature. 😉

Step 3

doodling debt

To draw the end of the chain, use a couple of arc shapes. Notice how the arc shapes wrap around the credit card. Part of the arc shape is in front of the credit card, and part of it is behind. This gives the impression that it is attached or passing through the credit card.

Step 4

doodle debt

Keep drawing your chain using arc shapes. Notice how some arc shapes are open and wide, and other arc shapes are narrow. This gives the impression that the chain has interconnected pieces. Also, don’t forget to draw the ball. Use an oval shape for this purpose.

Step 5

how to doodle debt

Finish off your debt doodle by giving it some color. Feel free to experiment with the colors. Credit cards come in various colors. You can, therefore, follow the example or come up with colors of your own. It is a doodle. There are no fixed rules. 🙂