How to Doodle Danger (Skull Head)

How to Draw Danger Using a Skull Head (drawing tips)

Step 1

drawing danger

If someone asked you to doodle “danger”, what would you draw? How about a skull head? To begin with, doodle and upsidedown arc shape for the head of our skull. Next, doodle the upper jaw area using another arc shape with a flat bottom. Please see the example for reference of what this looks like.

Step 2

draw danger

Let’s now doodle the teeth of our skull head. To draw these teeth, use zigzag shapes. Kind of like upsidedown triangle shapes sticking down from the upper jaw of our skull doodle.

Step 3

doodling danger

To draw the eyes of our skull doodle, use two oval shapes. Then for the nose, use a triangle shape. Notice the size of the eyes and the positioning of the nose within our skull head.

Step 4

doodle danger

Let’s now doodle some bones around the skull. Let’s make it look like these bones are at the back of our skull or look like they are coming out of our skull head. To draw these bones use a combination of straight lines and arc shapes. Notice how the ends of the bones kind of look like love hearts. Notice also how the bones on either side of the head mirror each other. We’re not aiming for perfection and perfect alignment here. But, more or less, try and mirror the bones on the left and the right of your skull head.

Step 5

how to doodle danger

Add the finishing touches to your skull head by giving it some color. And there you have it. We now have a symbol we can use when we want to doodle the idea of “danger”. There are, of course, plenty of other ways we could doodle danger. This is just one of them. How many other ways can you think of?