How to Doodle a Cup

Step 1

Doodling a cup is all about using free-flowing curves. More specifically, it’s about using eye, oval, and arc shapes that are part of our visual alphabet. To begin with, doodle an eye shape in the middle of your page. Then doodle an arc shape connecting to the eye shape as shown in the example below.

how to doodle cup 01

Step 2

For this step, use curved lines once again to doodle the cup coaster. Focus on doodling rounded lines that wrap around the base of the cup. No need to fuss too much about whether or not the lines are even. The cup will still look like a cup, and that’s what doodling is all about. 🙂
how to doodle cup 02

Step 3

Now use simple arc shapes for the handle of the cup and to show the liquid inside the cup. Whether that liquid is tea, coffee, or something else, doesn’t really matter. However, we will make it appear as though the liquid is hot and steaming in the next step. 🙂

how to doodle cup 03

Step 4

In this step, all you’re using is straight and wonky lines. Use straight lines to shade the side of your cup. This will give it more dimension and form. Use a few arc shapes on the coaster. Finally, let’s show that the liquid is steaming hot. To do this, doodle wonky lines extending from the liquid. This gives the impression that steam is rising from your cup of coffee or tea.

how to doodle a cup

Step 5

The final step is to add some color to your doodle. Use either complementary colors or different shades of the same color. And, of course, don’t forget to color your liquid appropriately. If you’re drinking coffee then a brown color will suffice. Brown colors for teas might also be a good fit, but teas do come in a variety of colors and flavors. And if it’s water you’re drinking, then using a light blue color will work best. Unless, of course, it’s lemon water. Then a tinge of yellow might be exactly what’s needed. 😉

how to doodle cup