How to Doodle a Couch

Step 1

To begin with, focus on doodling straight lines paying particular attention to consistent spacing and using right-angles as shown in the example below. You, of course, don’t need to get the angles and spacing perfect. A couch does not need to be perfect. Your doodles do not need to be perfect. Your lines can be a little wonky and off-center, and that’s okay. In the end, your doodle will still look like a couch if you progress through the remaining steps.

how to doodle couch 01

Step 2

Time to doodle the inner section of your couch. Begin with the cushions. Use slightly curved lines to give the cushions a plump and rounded look. Then doodle a few additional straight lines for the hand rests.
how to doodle couch 02

Step 3

For the back rest cushions, use straight lines that are slightly rounded on the corners. These lines don’t necessarily need to be straight. You can curve them slightly or even change the shape and direction of these lines. Couches come in many shapes and sizes. Feel free to experiment. 🙂

how to doodle couch 03

Step 4

Time to give your couch a little shading. For this purpose doodle straight lines on the button and inner layers. However, on the back rest cushions, you can curve these lines slightly to show natural folds in the material.

how to doodle a couch

Step 5

The final touch is to add some color to your couch doodle. You can either use different shapes of the same color or complementary colors.

how to doodle couch